Sunday photoblogging: footbridge, Madison WI

by Chris Bertram on June 17, 2018

Madison, Wisconsin (footbridge)



Alan White 06.17.18 at 11:10 pm

Nice framing and use of light to emphasize the angles. Is this near Helen White Hall on the campus?


Dr. Hilarius 06.18.18 at 5:57 am

Nice photo but it reminds me of a prison watch post. Possibly it’s just that I’ve spent too much time in jails and prisons.


bad Jim 06.18.18 at 7:27 am

It’s a powerful composition, the diagonal thrust against the blue sky, the upright pillar, the topmost framing curve, the dance of the clouds …

but the surveilling lamp is disconcerting, the ridges of rust along all the edges disturbing, and the curtain of rust in the corner alarming.


JRLRC 06.18.18 at 3:42 pm


Chris Bertram 06.18.18 at 5:03 pm

@Alan White, it is at

43.074774, -89.415923


Ikonoclast 06.18.18 at 9:00 pm

Emblematic of the USA’s decaying infrastructure … which in turn is emblematic of the triumph of religious, ideological and market fundamentalism in the American psyche.


Alan White 06.18.18 at 10:24 pm

Thanks so much Chris–it’s an interesting structure–a looping pedestrian walk that crosses a railroad track and the campus drive. All the times I’ve been to Madison and I’ve never seen that!


Dr. Hilarius 06.20.18 at 3:56 am

This is as close to architecture as I have at hand.

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