Podcast on Do States Have the Right to Exclude Immigrants?

by Chris Bertram on July 3, 2018

My book, [*Do States Have the Right to Exclude Immigrants?*](https://www.wiley.com/en-us/Do+States+Have+the+Right+to+Exclude+Immigrants%3F-p-9781509521951) has now been published on the continent of North America, so the inhabitants of said continent are invited to buy it. (Amazon doesn’t seem to have stock yet.) By way of advance publicity for the book, and because it was a fun idea anyway, I recorded a podcast with my friend Avery Kolers of the Department of Philosophy at Louisville KY for his show on Forward Radio. You [can listen to the podcast now on Soundcloud](https://soundcloud.com/wfmp-forward-radio/ethics-forward-a-secure-border).



Patrick S. O'Donnell 07.03.18 at 10:13 pm

Thanks: sharing with my other 151 FB friends (although only some of them ever read my posts!).


Patrick S. O'Donnell 07.08.18 at 12:32 pm

I should note that while I rarely find time to listen to podcasts (I prefer reading in general to such things), I did listen to this one and it was very good. Chris did a wonderful job of patiently and clearly explicating his views and the arguments of the book as well as answering the many questions, some of which no doubt would be naturally raised by most of us. In brief, highly recommended!

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