Saturday art blogging: making art with the help of AI

by Eszter Hargittai on December 8, 2018

Remember those days when you would discover a Web site and completely lose track of time as you got sucked into its amazingness? I hope you have some time, because I am about to point you to such a site.

The video below is purely for the purposes of showcasing multiple images at once not because I think such a video is particularly interesting in and of itself. The generated individual images are. My hope with the video is for you to get a sense of what’s possible with the Deep Dream Generator. You upload an image and then select one of their available styles or upload another image to serve as the basis of the style that will be applied to your main image. Needless to say, the possibilities are endless.

I show you the styles I used below the fold and give you some additional rendered examples from other base images.

For the images in that video, I uploaded a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge I took in October and then uploaded various other images for style, all of them my own creations from the past couple of years. In order, the media are: a marker drawing, a photograph, an acrylic piece with stamping and metallic pen, two more photos, another acrylic painting, two watercolor paintings fused into one image, ink and watercolor, another photo, a photo of a photo in a frame I covered in duct tape, a ceramic vase. As you’ll note, one of my style images is actually a compilation of two small watercolor paintings, which truly makes the possibilities know no bounds. You can embed photos into drawings into graphical elements and make that your style. Of course, nothing complicated is required, sometimes a simple photo as style will render amazing outcomes. I hope you try it! And don’t be shy to share links to your creations.

Here are some other examples I’ve created from my own photos and own images as styles. You can see other people’s creations here.

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tomsk 12.10.18 at 4:29 pm

oh wow, so now I’m going to be up all night making pictures of my children in the style of henri rousseau and herge and hiroshige and…

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