Lord Viv Stanshall Day

by Harry on September 4, 2019

Its Lord Vivian Stanshall Day today, an international moving feast in which we celebrate the great man. It really should have been on the day that Boris Johnson became PM, but those of us in Viv-land were too blinded by the surrealism of the Tory electorate to respond. And, anyway, it doesn’t really matter because, in our hearts, every day is Viv Stanshall Day. At least, that’s how its been seeming for a while now. Here he is with The Young Ones (btw I endured (well, that was my dad’s word for it) a dreadful, Viv-worthy, youth production of Summer Holiday in the summer, in which my niece managed to shine as an overactive surreal narrator), and.. well in an ad for Ruddles which has to be seen to be believed.



Lee A. Arnold 09.04.19 at 2:47 pm

“The priest-holes are stuffed with empties.”
— Trevor Howard at 44:40


Dave Heasman 09.04.19 at 4:55 pm

“George has turned in on himself. No mean feat for a 20-stone man”.


Heshel 09.04.19 at 6:22 pm

And specially flown in for us, the session’s gorilla on vox humana.


notGoodenough 09.04.19 at 9:20 pm

For me, listening to Canyons of Your Mind is an instant nostalgia kick – or rather takes me back to my “childhood…childhood…childhood.”


Niall McAuley 09.06.19 at 5:42 am

Spanish guitar and introducing acoustic guitar
Plus, tubular bells!

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