Sunday photoblogging: Stairs in Rome

by Chris Bertram on May 10, 2020

Rome: staircase



Donald Coffin 05.10.20 at 7:02 pm

That’s one fine photo.
Here’s my version, from Sorano Sorano (in color) from 2002’s photo workshop. Italy is a great place to take pictures.


Eszter Hargittai 05.10.20 at 7:58 pm

Chris & Don, both lovely pics.


Alan White 05.10.20 at 10:44 pm

For me this captures a lot of the mood today–from the dark into light but only with a lot of steps ahead.


Dave 05.11.20 at 3:10 am



Dr. Hilarius 05.11.20 at 6:03 am

The shift in the angle of the treads in addition to the shift from dark to light makes for a lot of interest in a “simple’ shot. Very nice. I think this must be one of a handful of shots I have containing stairs. Must do better.


AnthonyB 05.12.20 at 12:42 am

Chicago apparent shift of angle


William Berry 05.12.20 at 2:03 am

“Oh, the streets of Rome are filled with rubble [the metaphorical, historical kind, I think],
Ancient footprints are everywhere.
You could almost think you was seein’ double,
On a cold dark night on the Spanish Stairs. . . “

— from “When I Paint My Masterpiece” by The Band

This photo evoked a weird train of associations for me, mostly from around the age of twenty or so (five decades ago, give or take). To make short work of it: Mostly about music, art, and dreams.

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