Sunday photoblogging: San Francisco

by Chris Bertram on May 24, 2020

San Francisco: alley



Dr. Hilarius 05.24.20 at 8:17 pm

I like the shadows and the texture on the building at left.

I do have a few shots of San Francisco on my Flickr account. I happened to be there when Patty Hearst, aka Tania, was arrested. Having a press pass I made my way to scrum of news people outside the federal courthouse for her arraignment. The scrum included Annie Leibowitz who was working for Rolling Stone. If I had known how famous Ms. Leibovitz was going to become I’d have taken photos of her.


Alan White 05.24.20 at 9:18 pm

A real contrast to most grandiose SF skyline/bay photos. Good mood-catcher.


Eszter Hargittai 05.24.20 at 9:59 pm

Dr. H, thanks for that!


Donald A. Coffin 05.25.20 at 1:02 am

Just looking at that, I wonder how they get out of their parking spaces.

(Great photo.)

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