Russia’s wretched war on Ukraine has been going on for two months now. How have you helped out Ukraine/Ukrainians? While nothing seems enough, there are many ways to pitch in. If you’re in Europe, there are likely refugees in your town. They need help with housing, furnishing their homes, appliances, countless things that make up a household. They may need language help. They may need assistance navigating the system. If your universities are accepting Ukrainian students, they probably need guidance to understand your institutions. If you’re more removed and such in-person help is unrealistic, cash donations are welcomed by many charities.

Inspire others by sharing how you are helping out. If you haven’t yet, do it now. And if you send me your postal address (, I’ll put this postcard, which I created (professionally printed) in the mail for you with my thanks.

For Peace in Ukraine postcard

Sunday photoblogging: Positano

by Chris Bertram on April 23, 2022

I was thinking about this shot from ten years ago the other day, so I dug it out. A little bit early for Sunday, but needs must.