APSA Political Theory

by Micah on February 22, 2004

Nice to see the APSA Foundations of Political Theory website has been revised and extended (link via Political Theory Daily Review). Lots of very useful links for anyone interested in the field.



Jacob T. Levy 02.23.04 at 4:19 pm

Yep; I’ll piggyback on the post for an opportunity to plug further. I put up the original page in 1997, using the HTML I learned from the back of a Bazooka Joe comic and the same sense of aesthetics that allowed me to wear a Grimace-purple corduroy sports coat for several years. The terrific redesign is courtesy of one of the grad students here at U of C, Victor Muniz-Fraticelli.

Conference announcements and the like can be sent to ffb@ucsd.edu for inclusion on the page.

The other exciting change is that the site is starting book reviews. Books can be sent to:

Foundations of Political Theory
University of Chicago Political Science
5828 S. University Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637


micah 02.23.04 at 5:25 pm

Site looks terrific. Kudos to Muniz-Fraticelli.

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