by Chris Bertram on August 5, 2003

This particular bit of wood is off for a brief holiday in Ireland. Henry reported a while back that internet access isn’t great. So even if I wanted to, I probably couldn’t blog. With luck, I should meet up with Henry in Kerry somewhere – thereby doubling the number of Timberites I’ve encountered in “real life”.



Gerry Hyde 08.05.03 at 2:19 pm


Internet access is indeed a joke in Ireland, and the sooner it gets sorted out the better. I work in the university in Cork and while the connections here at work are great, domestic internet access is… well, like something from the last century. How we have a reputation as being on the cutting edge of the information age I do not know.

Your fellow CT blogger Kieran J. Healy is of course from Cork, and while that’s not usually something that we would advertise to potential tourists, it does provide us (you and I) with what in Ireland counts as a viable social link, so if you’re going to be lost in Cork during your visit, feel free to drop me a line.


Justin 08.05.03 at 7:29 pm

Might as well plug Ireland Offline, the pressure group to deal with the crappy net situation at home.

BTW, like many parts of the world where net access is hard to find, internet cafes — ie. dedicated rooms of PCs — are plentiful however. A little pricey though.

So web access is not really much of a problem — but I wouldn’t bother bringing a laptop.


Justin 08.05.03 at 7:31 pm

duh. sorry about the unclosed link tag! The correct URL for IrelandOffline is this one.


Justin 08.05.03 at 7:32 pm

actually, looks like it’s something to do with the way comments are set up on this blog; any a href is turned into an a/ standalone tag, wierdly.
Let’s try just the URL then: http://www.irelandoffline.org/

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