Cursus Honorum

by Henry Farrell on August 17, 2003

From the “curriculum vitae”: of renowned Columbia sociologist, Chuck Tilly.

bq. Among his negative distinctions he prizes 1) never having held office in a professional association, 2) never having chaired a university department or served as a dean, 3) never having been an associate professor, 4) rejection every single time he has been screened as a prospective juror. He had also hoped never to publish a book with a subtitle, but subtitles somehow slipped into two of his co-authored books.

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Dave Arthur 08.20.03 at 2:12 am

Marvelous! I remember hearing that one of the big-name economists’ resume reads, in part:

Areas of specialization:
– Macroeconomics
– Microeconomics

Alas, cannot recall who much less confirm. Tilly’s is better though.

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