Scruton on Davidson

by Chris Bertram on September 19, 2003

Roger Scruton has a “piece on Donald Davidson’s importance”: in the latest _Spectator_ .

UPDATE: Scruton’s piece is sort of OK, but I wouldn’t have bothered linking had I come across “this fascinating interview of Davidson”: by Ernest LePore first (via “Brian Leiter’s site”:



Curtiss Leung 09.19.03 at 7:35 pm

Gosh, and he doesn’t even say whether or not Davidson smoked.


Tom Runnacles 09.19.03 at 10:04 pm

Wow – respect to the Spectator.

That’s the most unapologetically full-on bit of analytical philosophy I’ve ever seen in a UK publication which isn’t actually a professional journal.

I just hope nobody turns to Scruton’s column by mistake in the expectation of finding some of the usual drool by Mark Steyn.


Tom Runnacles 09.19.03 at 10:11 pm

More seriously, that LePore interview’s marvellous. Good catch, Chris.

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