by Henry Farrell on September 28, 2003

Like most everybody else in the blogosphere this morning, I’ve been reading about the “Plame affair”: It’s potentially an enormous story – if the facts are as they “appear to be”:, there are at least two senior White House officials who deserve to be hauled off to jail. But I’m disturbed by the tone of triumphalism coming from a few left blogs and their commenters. It’s understandable that some see this as an opportunity to stick it to the warbloggers. It’s still a mistake. This story is too important to be turned into a cheap gotcha. There’s a growing groundswell of outrage on the right as well as the left. People should be building on this, rather than using the affair to score short-term ‘told you so’ points. If nothing else, a more constructive attitude will make it more likely that the story will stick around, and receive the sustained public attention that it obviously deserves.

Update: See also Kevin Drum’s “plea to conservatives”: – angry, but carefully worded and targetted.

Update 2: But of course, some will never be convinced … for a sampling, see “Belle Waring”:

Orwell Meets the Group of Seventeen Meets …

by Henry Farrell on September 28, 2003

John M. Ford comments in an “Electrolite”: thread on mixed metaphors and cliches.

bq. If you want a vision of the future, it is a wireless broadband network feeding requests for foreign money-laundering assistance into a human temporal lobe, forever. With banner ads.

As Brad DeLong readers may recall, Ford is responsible for introducing “Zweeghb”: into the Scrabble lexicon. A man of many talents.