Piece of cake

by Ted on September 30, 2003

If I were to say:

Nobody at Domino’s called me to sell me Cinnamon Sticks. In July I was speaking to a Domino’s employee about a large pizza when he told me that I could get free Cinnamon Sticks with my order. Another Domino’s employee told me the same thing.

then no one in their right minds would try to summarize me by saying:

Ted Barlow says the Cinnamon Sticks didn’t come from Domino’s.




Barry 09.30.03 at 3:40 pm

Actually, yes, if they happened to be a partisan hack.
Dishonest, yes, evil, yes – but they could still be in their right mind.


Prometheus 6 09.30.03 at 3:53 pm

Or, they could say the whole Cinnamon Sticks story is just too confusing to understand.


Doug Turnbull 09.30.03 at 5:09 pm

Who cares about the cinnamon sticks. Clinton ordered buffalo wings from Dominos, and I don’t remember a peep from you hypocrites about that.


JohnC 09.30.03 at 5:23 pm

Cinnamon sticks? Aren’t those a French treat?


Norbizness 09.30.03 at 5:51 pm

I think I saw the Dixie Chicks sign an endorsement deal to pimp Domino’s pizza. Let’s take all our leftover pizzas to the town square and burn the shit out of them.


sidereal 09.30.03 at 6:34 pm

Look, it’s no big deal. Everybody knows you can get a free order of cinnamon sticks with any large pizza while supplies last. It was no big revelation. The fact that the Justice Department has recommended a full investigation doesn’t mean anything. The CIA’s demand for an investigation . . uh. . doesn’t exist. These aren’t the scandals you’re looking for. Move along.


Laura 09.30.03 at 7:06 pm

I don’t think Clinton ordered buffalo wings — it was more of a slurpie he had, wasn’t it? I also don’t think that non-opposition to consumption of beverages that doesn’t affect the operation of the country combined with opposition to the consumption of solids that DOES endanger individuals and WMD operations makes me a hypocrite.


Doug Turnbull 09.30.03 at 7:23 pm

If we don’t all get cinnamon sticks, then Papa John’s will have won.


epist 09.30.03 at 10:28 pm

Are you people blind? Can’t you see the possibility that Domino’s employees merely needed the dough?


Nabakov 10.01.03 at 2:57 am

Look, forget about the cinnamon sticks. The real issue is that Dominos is now at last controlled by its shareholders. Or would you rather it was still a brutal Mob-run company?


julia 10.02.03 at 4:22 pm

I don’t think Clinton ordered buffalo wings — it was more of a slurpie he had, wasn’t it?

and I Think We All Know Who Runs 7/11s, don’t we.

I think we would all rather see Our Fearless Ted support fine american Tom Monaghan.


Susie from Philly 10.02.03 at 10:24 pm

I happen to know the top management at Domino’s contributed extensively to the Democrats and therefore are not qualified to discern pizza from cinnamon sticks – or sh*t from shinola.

Did I mention that Vietnam, a communist country, is a major supplier of cinnamon?

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