Two quick takes

by Ted on September 30, 2003

1. Andrew Northrup is a phat, phat young man. (That’s what you kids say, right? Phat?)

2. Every day, Jim Henley wins my heart anew.

Come to think of it, a fun Washington fact I learned years ago from my buddy Toiler, who really is an analyst for the CIA. If someone asks him where he works, he has to tell them he works for the CIA. He is not to lie or dodge the question. Why? So he won’t ruin it for the people that do have to lie or dodge the question.

This is about the millionth reason to believe that Valerie Plame really was employed in the Agency’s clandestine services division: in all the times that Wilson, who surely knows the rules, and spokesmen for the White House and CIA have been asked about Plame’s employment, they have not said, “She’s an analyst.” But if she were indeed an analyst, that’s what they would say. So, can we please retire the Administration apologist defense “we don’t know whether Plame was really a ‘covert’ employee or not”?

He’s got a bunch of good posts; just keep scrolling. I’m especially partial to this one.

If I ever turn libertarian, I’m buying him a pizza. Arthur Silbur, too.



Henry 09.30.03 at 5:03 am

Wow. I actually fell off my chair laughing at that Poor Man post. It’s wonderful.


JohnC 09.30.03 at 5:58 am

We live in very strange times.


Prometheus 6 09.30.03 at 8:51 am

They say “phat”, but only once. And when folks our age say it, then never again.


Jim Henley 09.30.03 at 12:24 pm

Well Ted, if you love me so much (and, BTW, awww, thanks, I mean that), WILL you support me in my insistence that “Plame Game” MUST be the official name of the current scandal?


Matt McIrvin 09.30.03 at 2:14 pm

I’m pushing for “The Plamewar” myself, but maybe that is too inside.


Jim Henley 09.30.03 at 2:21 pm

Oh dear. “Plamewar” is pretty good.


Barry 09.30.03 at 8:06 pm

Let’s all use the word ‘phat’ as much as we can. This will force teenagers to come up with new terms, in horror at the old folks using them. Keeps them on their toes, builds character….


Dennis G. Jerz 10.01.03 at 12:03 pm

Lamewar is more like it! :)

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