Historians of the World, Unite

by Kieran Healy on December 4, 2003

A group of well-known history bloggers — including Timothy Burke, Robert ‘KC’ Johnson, and Ralph Luker — have banded together to form Cliopatria. Proof if proof were needed that group blogs are continuing their irresistable rise to global dominance. Or, as a historian would put it, proof if proof were needed that at least one, probably quite atypical, group of historians launched what we can loosely refer to as a group blog (with all the difficulties that amorphous term implies) in late 2003 or thereabouts, according to the best available sources (but see below for futher discussion on this point).



bob mcmanus 12.04.03 at 6:24 pm

Glad too see a blog naming itself after another of Joyce’s filthy, though permanently obscure and indecipherable sexual allusions. Looks like Shaun and Shem are discussing their sister, though possibly their mother

Rule of thumb: it you can see any possible, however ridiculous, sexual connotation to a word in the Wake, it is there and intended. However this level of meaning will not help you understand the book.


Ophelia Benson 12.04.03 at 7:44 pm

Ah, and furthermore I see that this new blog is on HNN, History News Network, which is a very useful and interesting site.

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