Cheating Culture

by Chris Bertram on January 19, 2004

An email from a reader alerts me to “The Cheating Culture”: by David Callaghan, a new book which blames a whole raft of scandals in the US — from Enron to athlete doping — on the erosion of a sense of fair play in the winner-takes-all society. The book’s website has “an interview with the author”: and also incorporates “the author’s own blog”: on the issues covered by the book. Worth a look.

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Ophelia Benson 01.19.04 at 7:14 pm

Sounds interesting. The Winner-Take-All Society is a fascinating and suggestive book, and I assume this book takes off from that. (Didn’t look at links – naughty – in a bit of a rush, playing hooky, etc.)

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