Youth Voice and Power

by Harry on January 8, 2004

The latest issue of the Arizona Law Review is available online, seemingly with no subscription needed. It’s an interdisciplinary issue on Youth, Voice and Power, with several interesting papers, all pretty accessible. Despite the liberationist-sounding title, most of the papers are pretty soberly paternalistic. They’re all worth reading, but the two I learned most from are by Tamar Schapiro and Robert Emery.

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by Micah on January 8, 2004

It appears that Vice President Cheney and Justice Scalia have been out “shooting”: things. So much for being kind to your web-footed friends.

I’m not a big fan of the Googlebomb, but Moe Lane at Obsidian Wings has one that I’d be proud to be a part of.


Rousseau in Palestine

by Chris Bertram on January 8, 2004

Karma Nabulsi, a Palestinian intellectual and former PLO representative — whose book “Traditions of War”: reclaims a central place for Jean-Jacques Rousseau in thinking about the ethics and law of war and conflict — “writes today in the Guardian”:,3604,1118107,00.html about Rousseau, the Geneva accords and the right of return for Palestinian refugees. Her piece points up a central problem in the politics of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict: for all the neoconservative rhetoric about the centrality of democracy to progress in the Middle East, the sort of Palestinian leaders with whom Bush and Sharon want to deal are very different from those who would emerge from democratized Palestinian institutions.

Irregular Verb Watch

by Kieran Healy on January 8, 2004

This New York Times Report about a fight in a firehouse defines a new irregular verb in its first three sentences. The conjugation appears to be “I tease playfully; You make abusive taunts; He is asking for a broken nose.” (Via En Banc.)

Koufax Awards

by Kieran Healy on January 8, 2004

The 2003 Koufax Awards, hosted by Wampum, are now at the voting stage. Four CT members are nominated in the Best Writing category. Best Group Blog nominees are still to be revealed, though I think we’ll be on the list. Head over there and cast your vote. Remember, as Churchill said, “Crooked Timber is the worst blog, except for the all the others that have been read from time to time.” Similarly, Isaiah Berlin once remarked to me at High Table that “The Instapundit knows one thing; Crooked Timber knows many big things.” Or words to that effect.