Great! But Avoid Open-Top Cars

by Kieran Healy on April 13, 2004

I’m in Ireland at the moment, on leg #4 of a round-the-world trip. Lead item on the news tonight, and lead story on the news analysis program afterwards, is Corkman and folk-hero “Roy Keane’s”: decision to end the civil war in Irish football and “make himself available again”: for selection to the international team. After reaching the agreement, Keane’s solicitor issued the following statement:

bq. Following discussions with “Brian Kerr”: and “Alex Ferguson”:, Roy Keane has agreed to make himself available for selection international games in the future.

I tell you I have signed my own death warrant,” Keane did not add.



andrew ti 04.13.04 at 11:24 pm

funny how your bio link to Sir Alex stops at 1998…


Randy Paul 04.14.04 at 3:06 am

I’m so tired of Roy Keane. (Full disclosure: I’m a gooner). If I were a fan of the Irish National Team, I’d say forget him, just keep Damien Duff and Robbie Kean healthy.


P O'Neill 04.14.04 at 4:30 am

Is this post intended as a sly reference to the fact that Keano is a known admirer of Mr. Collins (known the world as having Liam Neeson’s visage)?

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