Andrew Sullivan gets Prudenized

by Ted on April 17, 2004

Good question from Roger Ailes:

It’s also interesting to see that the Moonie Times has placed scare quotes around “marriage” in Sully’s item on gay marriage and polling. Seriously: why does Sully allow these bigots to tamper with his work product?


by Brian on April 17, 2004

As if there’s any other kind.

There’s been a ton of “blog commentary”: on this “piece by Camille Paglia”:, which seems somewhat overrated to me, for much the reasons “Mark Liberman”: gives. But, as “Nicole Wyatt”: notes, it raises an interesting question about what we’re doing when we’re blogging.

Many more such questions are raised by Geoff Nunberg’s nice FreshAir piece on Blogging – “The Global Lunchroom”: Geoff notes how cliquey the language bloggers use can be.

bq. The high, formal style of the newspaper op-ed page may be nobody’s native language, but at least it’s a neutral voice that doesn’t privilege the speech of any particular group or class. Whereas blogspeak is basically an adaptation of the table talk of the urban middle class — it isn’t a language that everybody in the cafeteria is equally adept at speaking.

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