by Kieran Healy on April 29, 2004

I’m in Oxford for a few days, as “Laurie”:http://www.u.arizona.edu/~lapaul is giving a talk to the “Jowett Philosophical Society”:http://users.ox.ac.uk/~scat1655/jowett/ tomorrow.[1] The last time I was in town, I was thirteen years of age and was hospitalized with gastroenteritis contracted from food cooked by scout masters who were supposedly proficient in wilderness survival skills. This visit is turning out much better than that, though it’s hard not to invent ways to annoy students who affect a patronizing attitude to tourists. Maybe I should ask the next one directions to the grave of Oxford’s most famous economist, John Milton Keynes.

fn1. “Change is Mulitple Realization,” at 4:30pm in the Lecture Theatre in the Faculty of Philosophy, 10 Merton Street. Under the rules of a non-aggression pact governing attendance at talks given by one’s spouse, I won’t be there.

Why I don’t like Mickey Kaus

by Ted on April 29, 2004

Roger Ailes has found a particularly stunning Kaus moment.

(Don’t bother to keep reading if you’re making a noble attempt to avoid irrelevant trivia about the candidates; there’s nothing terribly important here.)

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by Chris Bertram on April 29, 2004

The ever-fascinating “Head Heeb summarizes the Pitcairn case”:http://headheeb.blogmosis.com/archives/024688.html (full judgement “here in PDF”:http://pidp.eastwestcenter.org/pireport/2004/April/Judgment.pdf ). Mutiny, treason, adventure, sex, Lord Haw-Haw and legal positivism: it’s all there, along with the European Convention on Human Rights. Enjoy.


by Henry Farrell on April 29, 2004

Something I’ve been meaning to mention for a while and never quite getting around to … Pitchfork Media report that “My Bloody Valentine”:http://pitchforkmedia.com/news/04-02/09.shtml, very possibly the Best Band in the World, Ever, are releasing a bunch of stuff next year, including some of the material that never made it onto the Glider EP. Cause for celebration, if not quite as much cause as a genuinely new album would be. Pitchfork also has a nice piece on the demise of “Black Eyes”:http://pitchforkmedia.com/news/04-04/08.shtml, which featured my cousin, Hugh McElroy, as co-vocalist in its heyday.