There’s only one Danny Murphy

by Chris Bertram on April 24, 2004

A chink of hope in an otherwise dismal season as Danny Murphy becomes the first player to score a league penalty for an away team at Old Trafford since 1993.



dmm 04.24.04 at 5:50 pm

Two penalties against Manchester United at Old Trafford in one season! That’s all that Fergie needs to prove that the FA is biased against them.


push 04.24.04 at 6:42 pm

Thanks Chris, it is indeed an event worthy of a CT post.


Glyn Morgan 04.24.04 at 9:27 pm

Hardly a dismal season. With a team of mediocrities, a manager with little ability to assess talent, an assistant manager who is clearly unstable, the team has done surprisingly well. They are, after all, still in the chase for a place in the Champions League.


keith taylor 04.24.04 at 10:19 pm

A depressed Liverpool fan always has an excellent fallback to cheer him up…

At least I don’t support Everton.


keith taylor 04.24.04 at 10:21 pm

Well done today, btw. I could feel the joy of the scousers radiate all the way to my house, 10 miles from Old Trafford.


Randy Paul 04.24.04 at 11:44 pm

My only disappointment: no one is close enough to drive Man U to fourth place.


Another Damned Medievalist 04.26.04 at 7:59 pm

I’m not sure it’s really a team of mediocrities. There are some truly good, solid players (and Gerrard seems to be moving towards greatness). I’m not sure what Neville was thinking, though. Still, it was fortunate Houllier actually played Murphy — it’s time for him to go, and to take Phil Thompson with him. The spouse and I were talking about this after the game, and the fact that Chelski are talking about trying to hire Curbs away from Charlton. I just hope that, if he leaves, it’s for Anfield — although O’Neill would be great as well. And now, if you don’t mind, I will now gloat just a bit …


Another Damned Medievalist 04.26.04 at 8:01 pm

Note to self — HTML tags only work when you type them in.


Thlayli 04.27.04 at 11:17 pm

There was an article on this in WSC earlier this year — that’s probably how Martin Tyler knew about it.

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