Dave Podmore’s Cricket Night

by Harry on April 27, 2004

Dave Podmore is back on Radio 4 on Thursday at 11 pm GMT (that’s 6 pm Eastern Time, Brian). It may be on LISTEN AGAIN, but, then again, it may not (it’s not up yet, anyway). The alert I received said ‘Listen to it – or cop one up the snot box!’ so I’ll be listening if I get home on time….



rea 04.27.04 at 7:00 pm

Why would anyone want to listen to insects rubbing their forewings together on the radio?


harry 04.28.04 at 2:32 am

Its only for 30 minutes, for goodness sake. You know, in England they used to watch a potters wheel on TV — insect noises are a big step up.

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