Tomorrow’s Kerry-bashing today

by Ted on April 27, 2004

Drudge is showing a 1984 picture of John Kerry in a “Member’s Only” jacket.

Somehow, I don’t think a “man of the people” would be .

UPDATE: Mickey Kaus comments:

Nice jacket, freak!!

Indeed. Just keep scrolling.

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt has a a question:

So who, exactly, are the “members” of this little club that the John “man of the people” Kerry belonged to? More specifically, who isn’t welcome? Could it be…. Jews?

Good question.

UPDATE: Roger L. Simon comments on the developing anti-Semetic implications of Kerry’s.. er… questionable taste in clothes.

UPDATE: Oliver Willis writes:

“Members Only” was just the name of a popular clothing line. I had one. There was no club, exclusionary or not, for John Kerry to belong to. It’s just some words on the back of a jacket.”

While I share Oliver’s feeling that Kerry is a phony, I’m a little disturbed that he would blow off the charges of anti-Semitism so lightly. Funny, I thought the left was supposed to be concerned about prejudice.

UPDATE: Reader mmallow writes:

Where have you been? The left has been a Nazi-light organization for years now. If there’s any difference between the Nurenburg rally and the so called “Rally for Life” this weekend, I’d like to see it.

While that’s inappropriate and inflamatory, I’m going to print it anyway.

UPDATE: Several readers have sent me this picture of George W. Bush in a
Members Only jacket. Sorry, I don’t see how that’s relevant.

UPDATE: Snopes says that the Members Only jacket photo is a fake. Sheesh.