by Harry on April 28, 2004

Courtesy of zizka I notice that our honourable colleague Daniel has been profiteering while all the time opposing the US action. Just to declare that CT will make no money from the sale of these goods, unless we can figure out how to.



a different chris 04.28.04 at 7:54 pm

I like the cagey wordsmithing that came up with “eventual liberation” turn of phrase.

Everybody can read into it whatever makes them happy.


Pacific John 04.28.04 at 8:15 pm

Is one foot size 10, the other size 9? That might make them even more rare.


Scott Martens 04.29.04 at 10:50 am

Well, I always thought that Dˆ2 was in metro London, but since the sneakers are in Toronto, it seems to me that the Tony Soprano approach to revenue settlement might be an option for you. :^)

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