Plus ça change

by Chris Bertram on October 4, 2004

Jon Snow’s autobiography is being “excerpted in the Guardian”:,6761,1319059,00.html . The would-be future leader of Ewekip puts in an appearance:

bq. Meanwhile, we found our cause: anti-apartheid. Liverpool was effectively Tate & Lyle’s British capital. The university had sizeable investments, and a goodly portion found its way to investments in South Africa, where Tate was still big. “Disinvest from South Africa” became our clarion cry. One of the most active staff members was Robert Kilroy-Silk, a junior lecturer in the politics department. In those days, Kilroy was a rabid revolutionary.

A little later on ….

bq. Three days later, 10 of us, mostly elected officers of the students’ union, were charged by the authorities with bringing the university into disrepute. Of Kilroy-Silk, so voluble at the start, there was no sign.



yabonn 10.04.04 at 11:58 am

_Jon snow_?

Obviously, english political life happens in the mind of g.r.r. martin.


Sandriana 10.04.04 at 5:11 pm

Yes, I spotted that too. So Kilroy-Silk was only in it for the personal publicity – no change there then. What also made me smile was BBC radio’s Today programme this morning, when the leader of UKIP specifically ruled RKS out as a leadership contender. He’s the wrong colour…

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