An old Buffalo Daughter album, “New Rock”, has recently conquered my iPod. Quirkier-than-thou Japanese post-rock something or other. Shonen Knife able to play their instruments meets Sonic Youth, produced by Brian Eno. For the youth of today. You think it’s pastiche, then listen again and it’s not. I must get their new album, “Pshychic”. Says Cornelius: “What I feel from Buffalo Daughter’s music is; although it’s connected to all music, it’s not like any music at all. It’s white that is almost transparent. A very graceful sound. I wish I can make music like that.”

If that reminds you of the scene in which Bill Murray is being told how to drink his whiskey, if you liked Lost in Translation – I certainly did – you will want to watch the video for “Cyclic” on the band’s site; also, the streaming audio for “303 Live” is good.

You can download a free track and listen to a couple more here. Long live The Emperor Norton.

Around the Web in 80 minutes

by Eszter Hargittai on October 2, 2004

A few noteworthy items as I catch up with other blogs.

  • Fox News in Arizona suggested in a report (aired twice) that students are committing an “unintentional felony” by registering to vote where they attend school. Hat tip Ms. Musings who provides helpful additional materials on the subject.
  • Ross reminds us that this is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and he is featuring question boxes in the upper left corner of his blog all month with helpful information.
  • From The New York Daily News (hat tip: ionarts):

    Mayor Bloomberg had little sympathy yesterday for New Yorkers who find the new $20 admission to the Museum of Modern Art a bit steep.
    “Some things people can afford, some things people can’t,” said Bloomberg, whose estimated personal fortune is $4.9 billion.

  • Benigni is shooting a “comedy” about Iraq. (Hat tip: Nomad via Dove’s Eye View)

  • Political LazyWeb

    by Kieran Healy on October 2, 2004

    If anyone has a copy of “There’s No Land Like Poland” from _Not the Nine O’Clock News_ in convenient MP3 format, this would be a good time to send it to me.

    How big is the blogosphere ?

    by John Q on October 2, 2004

    And why should we care? I’ll leave this question for later and take a look at some numbers

    There have been quite a few attempts to measure the growth of blogging. As this site devoted to the topic notes, Technorati passed its 4 millionth blog a week ago. Both Blogger and Livejournal claim over 1.5 million users, and a broadly similar estimate can be obtained if we take this Pew Study from 2003 and make the reasonable assumption that numbers are doubling annually.

    But these are almost certainly overestimates.

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