Although it’s connected to all music, it’s not like any music at all

by John Holbo on October 2, 2004

An old Buffalo Daughter album, “New Rock”, has recently conquered my iPod. Quirkier-than-thou Japanese post-rock something or other. Shonen Knife able to play their instruments meets Sonic Youth, produced by Brian Eno. For the youth of today. You think it’s pastiche, then listen again and it’s not. I must get their new album, “Pshychic”. Says Cornelius: “What I feel from Buffalo Daughter’s music is; although it’s connected to all music, it’s not like any music at all. It’s white that is almost transparent. A very graceful sound. I wish I can make music like that.”

If that reminds you of the scene in which Bill Murray is being told how to drink his whiskey, if you liked Lost in Translation – I certainly did – you will want to watch the video for “Cyclic” on the band’s site; also, the streaming audio for “303 Live” is good.

You can download a free track and listen to a couple more here. Long live The Emperor Norton.



Michael 10.02.04 at 9:01 pm

A lot of Japanese music is like that.

I guess it’s a lot like the Japanese city culture, a lot of western elements, things you can find in any major city taken to extremes or turned into something else altogether.

I would also recommend Pizzicato Five or Cibo Matto.


bob mcmanus 10.02.04 at 9:35 pm

AMG-Buffalo Daughters

Just another link.

While I was surfing AMG, having just seen Kill Bill v1 the other night for the first time…I wait for cable…I thought I would look up the girl-group in the House of Blue Leaves scene. I guess the song was “Woo Hoo” by the 5-6-7-8’s, but that group according to AMG had disbanded before the movie was made. Umm, okay.


Scott Swank 10.02.04 at 9:38 pm

Hmm. The Dean disagrees, but then I haven’t really been able to trust him reliably since 1992 or so. (I suppose that’s how you know a great rock critic, they’re still followed well past their prime.) I’ve flipped through a few of their track samples on Amazon and rather like them.

For a grittier city sound, have you heard of Poem Rocket? Someone said that like all great NY bands, they ultimately sound like the city. And this from a Chicago guy.



Eric Tyler 10.03.04 at 1:07 am

I would be surprised to learn that the 5678’s had broken up, as I just saw them live two weeks ago.


bob mcmanus 10.03.04 at 1:25 am


My source. Thy are open to corrections from readers. Unless I have the wrong group. And here I thought Tarentino was doing something in-jokey.

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