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by Kieran Healy on October 2, 2004

If anyone has a copy of “There’s No Land Like Poland” from _Not the Nine O’Clock News_ in convenient MP3 format, this would be a good time to send it to me.



harry 10.02.04 at 1:07 am

I presume its on one of their records, right? If so I have it on cassette tape. Tell me how to convert cassette tapes to MP3 and i) I’ll be eternally grateful and ii) I’ll send it to you


Jeff 10.02.04 at 3:22 am

“how to convert cassette tapes to MP3”

You need to figure out what kind of audio input jacks your sound card has. If it has RCA inputs, get a connector cable that goes from a stereo jack to RCA outs (personal CD players come with these sometimes). If not, it has some kind of input that looks like a stereo jack probably (this is more likely). Then you need the cable described above and essentially the opposite. I’m not sure if there are cables with two stereo outs that work, which is why I suggest the two cable approach.

After that, it depends on what programs your sound card or computer came with. I don’t know of anything that comes with Windows that you can use. Windows Media Player Plus! has a program specifically for tape recording. Creative brand sound cards normally have programs that will do it. If there’s nothing on your computer, I’m sure you can find something on the net at download.com or something.

That’s a bit of a half assed explanation, so hopefully it helps if you haven’t already been told how.


Andrew 10.02.04 at 2:40 pm

The simplest thing is to just take some cable that fits into the output plug on your tape recorder, and some cable that fits into the line in plug on your computer (if you have ever used either machine you are almost certain to have some of each, eg headphones, connection cables to an amplifier etc). Bring them to your friendly electronics retailer and say to him or her, “I’d like some connectors to carry a signal from the plug that this fits into (on the tape recorder), to the plug that this fits into (on the computer).” They should be able to take you from there.

There are many programs that will record the input as an mp3. A simple, small (~1.5Mb I think) and free one is CDEx:


It’s no-frills but does a fine job. There are also many commercial recorders that will record from an analogue signal but they tend to be bloated with useless features, and of course you have to pay for them; however some are a little more intuitive to use.


Matt McGrattan 10.02.04 at 11:25 pm

There are also plenty of freeware audio recorders (software). Audacity, for example.

Basically you plug the tape deck into the soundcard (in my case I use a two phono/RCA to one stereo jack lead with the phono plugs connecting into the tape deck and the jack into the soundcard). Press play and then press record on the recording software.

Then you need to save the resulting soundfile as an MP3.


bad Jim 10.03.04 at 10:29 am

Who can forget Poland, no matter how hard you try?

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