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by Ted on October 22, 2004

Dan at Contrapositive has written up a very cool hour-by-hour guide to election night- what to expect, when not to panic, and what each Presidential candidate needs, as the night passes, to stay viable.

And McSweeney’s has a very funny little piece on history’s notable films:

The Terminator

According to The Terminator, in the future, time travel will be perfected, but it will only work on humans or flesh-covered appliances; fabric is out of the question. As interesting as the Terminators are, I would almost prefer to see a movie about the invention of this time-travel device, because I imagine it would feature a lot of lines like, “Well, the good news is, the flesh-covered toaster made it. The bad news is, the khakis didn’t.”


If I understand things correctly, Mel Gibson is a cleric who regains his faith in God after he realizes that his wife, in her dying moments, gave him a message that was too cryptic and oblique to save the lives of millions of people during an alien attack, but was just specific enough to save his son. This may be the most narrow definition of a miracle, ever.



asg 10.22.04 at 9:33 pm

Tim Carvell’s always funny.


PG 10.23.04 at 3:27 am

I suppose that we should have seen The Passion of the Christ coming from a bit farther back, then.


bad Jim 10.23.04 at 8:27 am

Lacking anything original, permit me to paste an orthogonal comment from Garry Wills on Gibson’s Passion:

My wife and I had to stop glancing furtively at each other for fear we would burst out laughing. It had gone beyond sadism into the comic surreal, like an apocalyptic version of Swinburne’s The Whipping Papers.

It appears that the dread Ann Coulter was not entirely effectively given the pie treatment in what would have been last night for most of you had you not been more clockwardly distributed around the globe than left coast Americans.

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