The Minuteman Project

by Kieran Healy on April 1, 2005

Here in Tucson, people are watching with interest — and some trepidation — as volunteers for the “Minuteman Project”: roll in to “Tombstone”: (yes, it really exists — and it’s even cheesier than you imagine), about seventy miles southeast of town. I’m not sure why they’re rallying there rather than in “Sierra Vista”: or “Bisbee”:, which are a lot closer to the border. There’s a lot of very open land down there, and of course plenty of border-crossing going on — and a lot of other legitimate activity besides. If things go smoothly, then the Minuteman people will spend a few days hanging out and camping in the Sonoran desert, not cause anyone any hassle, and have their stunt create a bit of national news coverage. On the other hand, any one of a number of things could go wrong. If some of the Minutemen — who are showing up from all over — are clueless about managing in the desert, they might get lost or hurt. If some of them are excitable, they might provoke a confrontation with an immigrant, despite the project’s “stated intention”: not to do so. The potential for confusing and possibly dangerous encounters with the border patrol (or even local residents or hikers or what have you) shouldn’t be discounted, either. And of course there’s always the chance that some of them will run into some drug smugglers.

All in all, I think the chances are better than not that nothing too serious will happen — they’ll probably just get in the way of the Border Patrol. On the other hand, paramilitary or militia organizations always find it difficult to control the hotheads in their ranks. Chris Simcox, the project’s leader, is aware that a single unpleasant incident will tar the Minutemen for good, and so the official site oscillates uneasily between “cowboy rhetoric”: and quasi-military talk of “standard operating procedures”: Of course the Minuteman Project doesn’t have much in the way of Standard Procedure because it’s not a stable institution. The best they can hope for is that the people who show up for this aren’t nutters who want nothing more than to dress up in camo gear and take pot-shots at people.



Jake 04.01.05 at 5:29 pm

Well, maybe I’m anti-American, but I suspect I’ll snicker if one of the Minutemen gets, say, sunstroke.


Ted 04.01.05 at 5:33 pm

“The the best they can hope for is that the people who show up for this aren’t nutters who want nothing more than to dress up in camo gear and take pot-shots at people.”

Whew! I was worried for a second there!


Keith M Ellis 04.01.05 at 5:44 pm

“Well, maybe I’m anti-American, but I suspect I’ll snicker if one of the Minutemen gets, say, sunstroke.”

It’s wrong of me, I know, but I hope for much worse for them. These folks are really making me mad.


jet 04.01.05 at 5:59 pm

Unless you are in the small minority that believes in open borders, why is there so much hostility to the Minuteman project? Is it the sin of white-men taking action against those of color coupled with the unpardonable sin of private people doing what the government should be doing? Surely no one can approve of the current state of illegal immigration?


james 04.01.05 at 6:06 pm

I am for open boarders with Mexico.

Exercising rights as a citizen is a positive, though the use of those rights might end up being negative. In this case, nothing has happened yet. Why jump the gun?


John Quiggin 04.01.05 at 6:17 pm

It’s great that jet has seen through all those disclaimers on the site about the absence of any racial motivation.


jet 04.01.05 at 6:28 pm

Just posting the only hypothesis I could come up with. From your response I’m guessing I struck a nerve.


Keith M Ellis 04.01.05 at 7:06 pm

Oh, bull. “From your response I’m guessing I struck a nerve.” Well, okay: from your belligerance, I’m guessing you’re a complete idiot.

See how that works? Are we having a productive conversation yet? Should I mention your mother?


Jake McGuire 04.01.05 at 7:57 pm

What about it really makes you mad and hope that they have seriously bad things happen to them?

I think that anti-gobalization protesters are morally misguided, and they not only break windows at McDonald’s but actively try to inconvenience me by blocking up traffic when I’m getting to work. I still manage not to wish that they get their heads beaten in by riot police.

Or is political protest supposed to be the province of the left?


jet 04.01.05 at 8:04 pm

You’re cracking me up. I come here and see 2 out of 3 posts expressing desire for harm to come to the Minutement without any explanation. Crazy talk, right? And then I ask why the hate. I then get John’s hasty conclusion and complete disreguard for an honest debate, which you are giving a pass. I respond in kind, and you’re all over me.

And sadly (although not always), this is the best liberal site I’ve found that even comes close to this “generous” level of debate :P It is quite something to get to interact with the most reasoned liberal minds to be found on the net.


Keith M Ellis 04.01.05 at 8:14 pm

In my case, I stipulated that I know that I’m wrong in wanting harm to come to the minutemen. I didn’t offer more because my ambivalence makes it difficult for me to have a productive discussion on this issue at this time. But I don’t see that at all in the case of John. So why are you so quick to snark at him?


jet 04.01.05 at 8:27 pm

Because I can’t, for the life of me, see how this is anything but sarcasm:
“It’s great that jet has seen through all those disclaimers on the site about the absence of any racial motivation.”

There is quite a bit of thought that says Western Civ owes the rest of the world quite a bit for harms done in the past. I pondered that the hate pointed at the Minutemen was somehow connected. John gave a less then conducive answer. I try to cooperate here, and adjusted my level of debate to his.


luci phyrr 04.01.05 at 9:23 pm

When do we libs get to say “Range time?”

Locked and loaded? Let’s Roll!?


The Lonewacko Blog 04.01.05 at 11:47 pm

Some or many of the volunteers are supposedly ex-military, so I’d imagine they’re familiar with managing the desert from first-hand experience or at least from reading. And, they’ll be with people like Simcox who live there.

There’s a round-up of today’s news reports about the MMP here.


MikeN 04.02.05 at 3:27 am

Is this area a major drug-smuggling route as well?
I imagine most coyotes would just abandon their human cargo; trying to separate some Mexican dope-dealers from a load of expensive contraband could get interesting.


Juke Moran 04.02.05 at 3:46 am

Some men get together and draw some arbitrary lines on some maps.
Some other men draw their own arbitrary lines on their own maps.
In the areas of the maps that are sparsely peopled there’s some back and forth about what’s what, but that all gets worked out eventually, after some killing and some arguing and some more killing and arguing, and then the lines get formalized and become legally binding.
Rule worship. The sanctity of the rules over and above what the rules were invented to protect.
Not land, not life, not the living that gets done on the land, but the imaginary division that exists only in that abstract place where the map is real and the land is merely a colored-in representation on a piece of paper.
I pledge allegiance to cartography.


Alex 04.02.05 at 5:32 am

Regarding what happens if they bump into a drugs run, the truly scary MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) international gang has already vowed to kill any of them they meet. Should make great TV, though – three-way shootout between the Border Patrol, the wackos and the coke runners, beats popewatching. My money’s on the dealers to win the first round and the Border Patrol thereafter.

One of the earliest posts on my blog dealt with an early version of this crowd who were using a basic UAV to look for Mexicans to kick around.


Brett Bellmore 04.02.05 at 8:29 am

“to look for Mexicans to kick around.”

To report to the border patrol, who at least theoretically are supposed to arrest and deport Mexicans, if they’re found in the US without having crossed the border legally.


Alex 04.02.05 at 11:43 am

If you believe these people are nice, really, you’re a fool.


The Lonewacko Blog 04.02.05 at 3:41 pm

Alex: you live in, I’d imagine, Yorkshire. How long did you live in the southwestern U.S. then? It would be helpful if you and juke moran would now redo your comments, putting first-hand knowledge of this issue as well as historical knowledge of invasions and borders throughout the past several hundred years and knowledge of the larger issues involved in massive illegal immigration.

Here are just two factors you could blend into your analysis:
1. Why do you think Bush is so much in favor of either massive illegal immigration or massive immigration via his guest worker plan?
2. Do you think Mexico’s second most valuable export being their own citizens has something to do with any of this? Their take from remittances is 80% of that from oil.


Keith M Ellis 04.02.05 at 4:02 pm

1. Why do you think Bush is so much in favor of either massive illegal immigration or massive immigration via his guest worker plan?”

Political expediancy. It didn’t fly. He dropped it and it hasn’t been discussed since.

I live in the Southwestern US. I’m a native of the SW US. Alex is right.


Juke Moran 04.02.05 at 4:18 pm

‘Their’ take?
TLB – rather than the Southwest, why don’t you try spending some time in the real world.
I’ve worked twelve hour days in the fields alongside illegals from Mexico and points south. The one unifying characteristic of all those I met was their “Indian-ness”. Something that’s going to be missing from your view of things, I bet.
The abstract realm of finance and cartography isn’t peripheral, it’s the source, the cause of a lot of human misery, though it does benefit an increasingly obvious minority.
But what’s real, and what will remain after the money vanishes back into the black hole it came out of, is the land. That was my point.
The Minutemen are just the latest iteration of rule-worshipping drones who put the ad hoc code above the thing it was invented to preserve and protect.
Arbitrarily dividing people the way borders do, especially the US borders, isn’t even practical, as anyone who’s spent time on the ground near them will tell you. Oh they function in a broad general sense, but not well; and in the long run what we lose in these false divisions outweighs what they protect entirely.


The Lonewacko Blog 04.02.05 at 7:06 pm

Political expediancy. It didn’t fly. He dropped it and it hasn’t been discussed since.

You’re quite far off base. He and his proxies (Ridge, Cornyn, Hutchinson, Cannon, etc.) have promoted the idea recently. See my Immigration category for examples, see the older immigration categories for more.

Here’s one from March: Tony Garza, the US ambassador [to Mexico], told the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico that George W Bush, the US president, was committed to creating a guest worker programme

When Bush isn’t promoting his guest worker program, he’s doing things like promising 2000 new border agents and delivering… 200. He could secure the border and instruct BICE to clamp down on employers but he doesn’t. Any idea why that might be?

And, if you believe the myth that he proposed his plan to get the “Hispanic vote”, check out the exit poll for Arizona’s Prop. 200. That prop. will limit benefits to illegal aliens and it got (IIRC) 46% support from “Hispanics,” most of whom are in fact Mexican-Americans.

Juke Moran: If you want open borders based on spirituality and the wonderful humanity of man and group hugs, please go start your own country.


Keith M Ellis 04.02.05 at 7:50 pm

Oh, I see. If the Amabassador to Mexico says that Bush is still pushing it, then he is? If he says it to the Mexican head of state in a special conference, then he is? Hmm. Where is the political action? What he has gotten the GOP to work on in committee?

Looking at your blog makes me ill.


richard 04.02.05 at 11:08 pm

If the U.S. Government really wanted to seal the border(s) they would have no problem doing so. The problem with that is who would do all the dirty work? The economy of the Border States would suffer. Business would have to pay higher wages to attract workers for jobs that are currently held at lower wages by the illegal workers. C’mon, we are the greatest nation on the face of the earth and we cannot protect our borders? We could if we really wanted to!!


John Quiggin 04.03.05 at 1:25 am

As it turns out, teh Washington Times reports that less than 100 people showed up – they were outnumbered by police, which is always the mark of a demo that hasn’t lived up to expectations by a large factor.


Joe Danel 04.03.05 at 6:33 am

Homeland Security is a joke without secure borders. And the only reason we do not have secure borders relates to corrupt corporate and political elite who gain from the economics.

“Iraqi Accused of Smuggling Hundreds in Mideast to U.S.,” The New York Times, October 26, 2001.

However, significant smuggling of illegal aliens from the Middle East across our land borders has taken place. For example, in October 2001 Iraqi-born smuggler George Tajirian pled guilty to forging an alliance with a corrupt Mexican immigration officer, Angel Molina Paramo, to smuggle “Palestinian, Jordanian, Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni, and other illegal aliens through Mexico and into the United States.”13

While persons from the Middle East may stand out more in Mexico than in Canada, which has a large Middle Eastern community, widespread official corruption in Mexico makes that country a useful transit point for those trying to sneak into the United States from other countries, including those from the Middle East. Neither the northern nor southern borders are well defended so it seems likely that while most Mideast illegals are visa overstayers, some portion of illegal aliens from the Middle East entered the United States by crossing the border illegally.


James L. Harwood 04.03.05 at 9:23 am

The illegal aliens ,over ten million today , will help break this great country . Freedom is not free !! Many of us have fought in wars to protect our freedom and the freedoms of others around the world . It is shameless that we have not stopped the illegals , shameless for those who hire them , shameless to our government to continue to allow this great threat from those who seek to kill the infidels in America ! This is not about racism , this is to protect your family and mine . To protect what we vision as the greatest nation on this earth . Too many have fought and died to preserve this great land . We all need to help !!!!!!


Desert Rat 04.03.05 at 10:20 am

I lived around Sierra Vista in the late 80’s for a couple of years and there was a murder at an outlying house that was never connected to anyone local. We definately had a fear of the illegals.

Think about this, your penalty for getting caught crossing illegally is a free lunch, free dinner, and free bus ride back. What is the incentive to not cross the border illegally?


Parrot 04.03.05 at 1:54 pm

I believe we ought to have as open a border as possible, so that we can concentrate on the real troublemakers crossing the border. As it sits, it’s very difficult to get legal status here, and usually invloves thousands of dollars if you can obtain a legal basis. I was born in houston, raised in austin, and married a woman from Nicaragua who had been here for only 6 months. It took us 2 years and 4000 dollars to get her green card. During the time she was illegal she worked and paid taxes for social security she’ll never see. I don’t feel that we as a nation of immigrants can decide to slam the door shut now, after we are here. We’ve done that before, with the Chinese in the 1830’s and 40’s and the irish during the potato famine, the jews in the 1930’s and 40’s. We have now condemned those policies as rascist etc. in our history books. Why should the mexicans/central americans be any different? I also have about 5 years experience as a fast food restaurant manager, and without fail my most dependable, hard working employees were my immigrants. Most suburban high school kids that worked for me lasted only 1 to 3 months. My mexican/central american’s lasted as long as 5 years…


J. Roger Snow 04.03.05 at 2:19 pm

As a citizen of California, I suffer from much, if not more, of the difficulties posed by rampant, unchecked illegal immigration at our borders. California has been bankrupted, largely due to a liberal approach to providing sanctuary to ‘criminal aliens’.

Why does the author of the ‘Minuteman Project’ article solely critique the participants and organization without addressing the true concerns the nonviolent protest poses?

J. Roger Snow
Palm Springs


John Bowman 04.03.05 at 4:07 pm

“I am for open boarders with Mexico.”

Me too. So when is Mexico going to allow me to directly own land, and invest in their oil and power industries? When will they give my children free quality medical care and education? When will I not have to pay corrupt officials to run a business? When will everything be in English? I too am for open borders, which also means Mexico needs to end all this discrimination against Americans.


Dan Pursel 04.03.05 at 5:25 pm

Interesting comments. I live two hours north of Phoenix. I just reread this, and see I’ve turned it into a book-length rant.

I spent time in “the area” several years ago. Just to see what it was like for myself. I followed the dirt border road across the valley and mountains in question, from just east of Nogales to Douglas. The National Guard would have no problem channeling “undocumented” folks into killing zones. Sorry, I mean into collection points. Which would shut down the traffic in this area. So what.

Might as well leave this “nice safe area” for them to cross unless you have the political will to close the entire border length. That isn’t going to happen. I give the Minuteman Project credit for an excellent political stunt to raise awareness. Are they going to be really effective on the ground? No. But, 500 more BP agents and the additional aircraft “non-response” is cool.

Worst of all, I will no longer visit Organ Pipe Nat’l Monument, near the Luke border crossing station. The RV/Tent campground and visitor
Center is OK. Don’t drive the southernwestern dirt road loop or hike within it. To me that is really sad. It was one of my favorite “warm winter week” areas. Nevermore.

My wife and I ran into two high-value pickup point guys while hiking there in the daytime. Luckily, we were obviously unarmed (Federal Law)and not a threat. They asked directions to a spring we had passed. My wife thought they were “very nice” young men, but strangely not equipped for hiking. She had that part right.

I have a AZ CCW and “carry” on my hikes in lion/bear mt. areas near home. I am not afraid of “undocumenteds” (or bears or lions). But I don’t want to be ANYWHERE near “high-value” smugglers, “nice” or not.

This has no importance relative to the large issues, since it’s just a tiny little price we citizens pay.


The Lonewacko Blog 04.03.05 at 9:58 pm

Once again, I don’t know whether Keith Ellis doesn’t know what he’s talking about or isn’t telling what he knows. In any case, there are several amnesty/guest worker bills currently proposed. Two leading bills are AgJobs and the Dream Act.

The latter would give illegal aliens discounted college educations. Out-of-state U.S. citizens would pay the full price.

The interested reader should check out those bills and look at Bush’s position on them and other immigration-related bills. He is almost always on the same side as the ACLU, the Ford Foundation-sponsored MALDEF, the CPUSA, and the corrupt Mexican oligarchy. And, he’s on the opposite side from 75% or more of U.S. citizens.

As for #30:
You tell us that 20 or so people are great and they work hard. Does that mean you’re willing to vouch for the other 10-20 million illegal aliens in the U.S.? Would you, for instance, financially sponsor those 10-20 million? Would you guarantee that as a bloc they won’t be a danger to the U.S.?

And, would you be for open borders if, say, Russia did the same things Mexico does?

If Russia taught their schoolchildren that Alaska was part of Siberia and greater Russia and that it rightfully belonged to Russia, would you support open borders?

What if Russia had an explicit policy to send people to the U.S. in order to increase their control over our immigration system? What if Russia pimped the U.S. to other countries, encouraging them to send illegal aliens as well? What if Vladimir Putin said he was going to use his Russian consulates in the U.S. to “propagate militant activities” in order to get a “migration accord” passed? (Use google to see what I’m referring to.)

I guess there’s nothing we could do. After all, it would be racist to resist Russia’s expansionist plans, right?


Krogmonster 04.04.05 at 1:42 am
“Meanwhile, the Mexican government yesterday again condemned what it called “vigilantism” along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona, demanding the U.S. government ensure that the Minuteman volunteers do not abuse Mexican nationals crossing into the United States.”

I find it incredibly galling that the Mexican government demands(!!) that the US government control the Minutemen and protect the Mexican citizens. They take no responsibilty for the control of their citizens that illegally cross our borders and break our laws and harm or kill our citizens.

People have died very close to my home from coyotes driving fast down the wrong side of the freeway with their lights out to avoid Border Patrol and causing head-on collisions. What about my civil rights to drive down the freeway without worrying about this?


Chris 04.04.05 at 1:22 pm

I find it appaling that any of you would label the Minuteman Project as “vigilantes”.

For the UK folk – we have a Bill of Rights (the begining of our Constitution). The first 2 ammendments allow the exact freedoms that the MMP are exercising. The Bill of Rights was added (and those first 2 particuarly) to ensure that Amercians would never have to face the tyranny that their forefathers did in England.

It is a legal right to carry a gun in Arizona. The MMP has many reasons to carry a gun aside from using them to shoot Mexicans.

I challenge ANY of you to go to the MMP website and find ONE racist comment or incidence of inflammatory rhetoric.

The only racist or inflammatory rhetoric I have heard so far is from you LIBS (vigilantes, racists, yahoo’s, rednecks, “Hee Haw” fans, weekend warriors, migrant hunters, nutters, etc.)

In all honesty, the Left scares the hell out of me. YOU folks are the real “whack” jobs.


mike 04.04.05 at 7:10 pm

After having read the comments. I would like to ask the question.

How many of you have actually been to the area that you are talking about?

I have. I was just there last Thanks Giving with family that lives outside of Elfirda Az. It is out of control. Law abiding citizens fear for there safety. If you aid the illigal-immigrant than they will mark the trail to your property with a flag to let other know that you helped them out. And then the flood really begins. Many of the people there are living in fear. Home invasions have occurred. Attempted rapes have occured.

My sister-inlaw has loaded fire-arms at the ready at all times. Because she just doesn’t know the intentions of the folks coming on to the ranch and who the heck can take the chance. All this in the good old USA. So please don’t tell me about the poor illegal-immigrant.

What about the law abiding Mexican and South Americans that migrate to this country legally.

What message are we sending them? I’ll let you answer that question for yourselves.


Book Adams 04.04.05 at 8:12 pm

Undocumented Border Patrol Officers is what the Minutemen are.

Raise the minumum wage to a living wage and American citizens would then do the work.


Lindsey 04.05.05 at 12:29 am

No human being is illegal. I am very angry with these people. There are some people who need their family to be safe when they come across. This is a big mistake.


Pedro (From Napoleon Dynamite) 04.05.05 at 9:51 am

I am very skeptical about this whole “minute man” thing, and I will tell you why, if I don’t get off the subject like I always do…

A bit about myself so you can see where my point of view comes from. I am Mexican; I am American (1st from the father, 2nd from the mother). Lived in Mexico about 25 years, and have lived in Texas for the remaining 5. I am in the U.S. legally, I married my 7 year long relationship sweetheart (She is Mexican). I will share with you all the complications we went through to get her to come live with me (married) in the good ol’ U.S. of A. But first, allow me to rant a little bit…

People in this country love to keep things in a nice little “simple package”, they love their stereotypes, they love their icons, they love to feel like victims. Living in Mexico, I never referred to someone by their race. Since I’ve live here, every time people speak about someone they must follow the name with “a black guy” a “white chick” a “Mexican guy” (Mexican of course to anyone with brown skin that speaks Spanish), if you are light skinned as I am it’s: “that’s funny, you don’t look Mexican”.

My wife and I, both are professionals; both of our families are what you could consider middle to upper-middle class in Mexico. It was easy for me to come to the U.S. because I am a Citizen and could. I sadly left Mexico because being a Licensed Architect (in Mexico) I would have been paid about $5.00/hour (and that is if I actually found work as an Architect and cost of life in Mexico is close to what it is in the U.S.). The same would come from my wife (Communications Major). We spent about $3,000 dollars through legal fees, plane tickets, etc (she had to fly to Ciudad Juarez (one of the most dangerous city in Mexico if you are a young woman) to have her tests done, get screened by the F.B.I., etc Go through several interviews. Not to mention that she got her tourist visa denied 2 times when she was trying to visit me. (but oh sweet irony, 1 or 2 of the 911 hijackers received their visa, or green card, in the mail after they were dead, what an effective immigration system).

And I could be having a totally different standpoint saying: “If we did it the -right way- every other Mexican should –immigrate- to the U.S. same way we did”. But the truth of the matter is doing it the “right way” is impossible for your average Mexican, and I am talking about 99% of Mexicans who don’t have fiancés that have American Citizenship. American Citizenship is near impossible to attain being 100% Mexican and not having American family.

You see my people every day, they wash your cars, they clean your office, they serve you your super sized McCrap; the company you work for probably hires many of them (through a subcontractor of course, to not have blood on their hands if they are illegal). The vast majority of these people are good hardworking people, who live bunched up in a 1 person apartment in groups of 6 or so, making ends meet and pushing forward.

Just recently was talking to a kid that works cleaning the office where I work and he was telling me how he works 2 (fulltime) jobs that are 40 miles apart, lives with 4 more guys (one is his brother), left his Girlfriend behind (most likely to never see again), and is just trying to make a living.

Now back on the Minute Man Project… Just today on Democracy Now! ( I heard a debate between Mike McGarry, media liaison for the Minuteman Project and Jennifer Allen, executive director of the Border Action Network. Mike McGarry kept referring to the “illegal immigrants” as an “invading force”. Knowing what I know, being what I am, and thinking of who I’ve met, I can tell you the problem starts with people like Mike, who are supporting this nationalist bigotry. I’m sure some of them probably don’t have their eyes open wide enough and mean no harm, but harm comes from this mentality.

The problem will not be solved by the RIGHT calling them “illegal aliens” and the LEFT calling them “immigrants”, because these are people, the problem is in the laws (not in semantics); the problem should be addressed by opening your minds, reforming the laws. Mexico needs the U.S. the U.S. needs Mexico, it’s that simple.

People speak of an “Illegal Alien Invasion” … well this country was founded by “Illegal Aliens” who systematically murdered the LEGITIMATE inhabitants of North America, brought slaves from Africa, and eventually colonized what is now called “The United States of America” Meanwhile the Spaniards were doing exactly the same, in other parts North, Central, and South America. It’s time to turn talk radio and FOX News off, and to start behaving like human beings.


RichJ 04.05.05 at 2:59 pm

Bush has his TSA goons groping our wives and daughters at airports countrywide in the name of Homeland Security. At the same time our borders are wide open. The hypocrisy of this situation is overwhelming and should serve as a wake up call to us all that our government is out of control.

As long as the volunteers of the Minuteman Project avoid confrontation, observe and report illegal aliens to the Border Patrol they have my support. It is long past time that the people of this nation take a more active role in what goes on here, instead of depending on the government to do everything for us.

Everybody in the world is welcome to move to this country as long as they do it legally. They should be forewarned tho, our government is broke(morally and fiscally) and our economic system is on the verge of collapse.


Eric S 04.05.05 at 6:40 pm

yes, the liberal left is a wacko haven.

the Minutemen are stepping up and doing the right thing. They are not there to harm anyone, only protect their country, which they have every right to do. Has anyone heard the story of one of their first “victims?” An illegal who they tended to with food and water as he stumbled out of the desert… giving an illegal food and water? boy, what “vigilantes” they are!

i agree with the above poster who said open borders should work both ways… when i can go into mexico and own land, get free medical care and schooling, and force everyone around me to use english to accomadate me, then we’ll be square.

i’m not anti-immigrant (in fact i can’t remember the last time i had a girlfriend who had english as her first language), but the idea that border security = racism is silly liberal gibberish.

the minutemen are doing us all a service. even those of you who seem to hate America.


Eric S 04.05.05 at 6:49 pm

sorry, half of my oritinal post was deleted…

I wanted to go on to say that Mexico is a resources rich country and is fully capable of supporting itself and its citizens. While i support the Minutemen and securing our borders, I sympathize with the immigrants coming here to work hard and make a better life for themselves (though we seem to get a disproportionately large share of criminals and gangstas too!)… anyway, while it might be easier to sneak across the border and labor away in the good old USA, maybe staying and cleaning up your own government is the best solution. It won’t be easy, as Mexico has a long history of political corruption it would be along tough road…. and i’d gladly support the US doing what it could to help such a transition… most Mexicans I know here in LA would prefer to be back with their families, in their country… they come to the US out of necessity.

Don’t hate on the Minutemen for protecting their country… and don’t hate the immigrants for making a better life for themselves. Hate the illegals who come here to deal drugs, steal and kill and hate the politicians who are corrupt.


Melissa 04.05.05 at 9:38 pm

Onr post makes it seem as if their is no racism in Mexico. From my own experience living and studying there I can tell you that is not so. People of Spanish decent discriminate against the Indios. I’m noy saying racism in US is ok, but don’t fool yourself into thinking it doesn’t happen everywhere.

I am happy about the MMP, because I see the negative impact illegal immigration is having in California.

According to some statistics medical care , education, and the impact on our prison systems costs each household in California around $1100 per year. While the businesses are profitting from cheap labor the taxpayers are paying to subsidize them. Big surprise.

As a teacher, I see the negative impact of illegal immigration on our schools and children. A teacher usually teaches to the middle of the class. What do you think an influx of uneducated and in many cases almost nonlingual children (many are not literate in Spanish or English)does to where the middle of the class lies. How about the mandated 40 minutes of ESL instruction in some districts? What do you think the other kids are missing out on during this time?

Its too bad we didn’t help Mexico build itself up like we did for Europe with the Marshall Plan. Maybe we wouldn’t have these problems.


Todd 04.05.05 at 9:58 pm

Anybody who is for opening the flood gates of our southern border is a fool. Human rights for these imigrants begins with their mother nation first. Its not the U.S. responsibility that once some criminal enters our country illegally to grant them every other American right just ’cause they are a human. America first!


hohochi 04.06.05 at 12:31 pm

Invading hordes of wave after wave of illegal criminal border crossers, drug smugglers and other various criminals has gone unabated far too long. The American public has finally taken a stand. Open border supporters should think twice about the consequences this invasion tolls upon the taxpayers and environment.

Billions of dollars are leaking out of the country to Mexico. This practice has become Mexico’s number one industry surpassing PeMex revenues in 2004.

Unabated and uncontrolled immigration brings a plethora of problems that is overwhelming the ability of taxpayers to continue to absorb the costs.

Human devaluation in Mexico and the increasing corruption has allowed over 10% of their entire population to invade the US. That 10% total represents more than 30% of able bodied males. A giant vacuum of brain power and talent has left the country. The damage done to Mexico through this practice only makes those staying feel more impoverished.

Unchecked population growth Worldwide creates a never ending pool of new invaders who must escape third world nations. This rapid population explosion in the world does not necessitate responsibility on the US’ part. Self preservation of our nation, our way of life and the quality we have built on the backs of hard working Americans is no reason to open the floodgates for illegals.

There are no jobs Americans will not do, this is a farce. We allow ourselves to believe this is a reason to let millions of invaders cross but a farce it remains.

It may be next to impossible for most would be immigrants to come to this country due to the legalities but that does not make illegal criminal border crossing ok. We have risen the number of legal immigrants over and over. This is our law, this is what we must uphold and support. For every illegal criminal border crosser, there is someone who qualifies being denied.

The US should and must: Increase Border Control and seal off all illegal means of entry. Enforce Immigration law. Identify, Arrest and Deport every single illegal criminal border crosser in our country no matter how long they have been here. Allow local police to enforce immigration law everywhere. Increase interior immigration enforcement 100fold.
Stop Anchor Baby practices. Identify employers who hire illegals and fine them out of business if they continue the practice. Then and only then will a worker program be enforceable.



Desert Rat 04.06.05 at 10:09 pm


Embeded Reporter and New Developing Threat to MMP Border Watchers…

MMP Border Watch aid U.S. Border Patrol – 141 illegals arrested to date and New Mexico request for MMP help…

Good One!! …

Border More Peaceful Since MMP Started…

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