by Belle Waring on May 4, 2005

Readers of BoingBoing will have heard about this a while ago, but mashup artist extraordinaire ccc has done an amazing Beatles mashup album called Revolved (scroll down for a bittorrent link). I was just listening to it and I had to share it with all of you, because it is so very fab and gear. The Taxman track is great; it combines Beck’s New Pollution with The Jam’s Start (which, of course, just rips off the bass line from Taxman, but hearing them together is funny). You should check out his other tracks, too.

In more depressing news, I met an actual real-live defender of torture last night. I mean, I know they’re out there because I have to read all the incredibly stupid and irritating comments threads, but it was still weird. His metric of sucess involved 99 innocent people being tortured for every one guilty jihadi who then gives up the goods on some plot which would have killed many people (not clear if this was he fabled nuke scenario or your more run of the mill bombing). And he seemed so normal otherwise! For an English guy who reads LGF all the time. I was really polite too; clearly I wasn’t drinking enough, though when I woke up this morning that wasn’t my first thought.

N.B. Please talk about mashups in this comments thread. Please. You too, jet. C’mon, McSleazy vs. dsico, who’s your man?

UPDATE: You know, there are all these famous mashups out there that don’t seem to be available anymore, like Conway’s “Lisa’s Got The Hives”, or some of that Frenchbloke stuff, or Soundhog? I can’t believe that the basic illegality of the whole thing could possibly be compounded by some enterprising CT reader emailing me some mp3’s. Just thinking out loud, here.



Justin Slotman 05.04.05 at 11:34 pm

I’ll give it a try, but I suspect my enjoyment of mashups is directly related to my love of the source material. I loved the Kleptones’ Night at the Hip-Hopera–but I love hip hop and I love Queen. It looks like ccc is mixing Beatles with various pop/rock types and I think I’ll enjoy it, but I won’t obsessively listen to it like it did with Hip-Hopera, just because I’m a little cool on the sources.


Ted 05.05.05 at 12:10 am

I have never found a mashupist that I like as much as Go Home Productions ( “Backstab Me One More Time” and “Girl Wants (To Say Goodbye To) Rock And Roll”, in particular, are fekkin’ brilliant.


Yusuf Smith 05.05.05 at 2:38 am

Did this guy know you write for Crooked Timber?


Ciarán 05.05.05 at 2:49 am

Tarnation: I’m too late on the band-wagon (so to speak), aren’t I?


john b 05.05.05 at 5:40 am

DJ Dangermouse’s Grey Album is hard to beat in the mashup stakes.


Patrick Nielsen Hayden 05.05.05 at 6:07 am

ccc are pretty amazing. It takes a very crooked mind to even think of mashing “Tomorrow Never Knows” with Nancy Sinatra singing “You Only Live Twice.”


rex bellatore 05.05.05 at 6:26 am

Dsico all tha way. Did you ever hear the “Ministry of Shit – the 2003 Anus” compilation, there’s an insane track on that ‘ice ice bacon’ which is a completely insane edited version of vanilla ice. Although Luke has moved on from the mashup thing now.


Alex Fradera 05.05.05 at 7:27 am

I’m no fan of the Grey album – it has its moments, and certainly showcases Dangermouses production skills, but its all a bit dry for me. Whereas Night at the Opera is exultant and glorious and hilarious. I’m still hunting for the Kleptones reworking of Yoshimi vs the robots – I can’t find anyone still hosting it…


jet 05.05.05 at 8:23 am

Belle, I can’t believe you aren’t giving that guy’s reasoning the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps in his “ticking bomb” scenario you would agree with 98 innocents to 1 guilty scenario? Although, I personally wouldn’t go above a 90 to 1 ratio.

Heh, just fucking with you. I’ll dutifully agree that torture is sick and wrong and massage your ego that you have the one and only truth on this matter (only because I agree).

ccc’s puppet song was pretty good, but I’m not that interested in the source. The video, though, had me rolling. Good stuff. As for McSleazy vs Dscio, I haven’t a clue. I’ve heard McSleazy before and since the genre is new to me, it all sounds brilliant. I’ll go track down Dscio and contrast and compare.


DGF 05.05.05 at 8:32 am

My favorite mashup is Soundhog’s Howard Jones, “What Is Love” x Tears For Fears, “Shout” x Limp Bizkit, “Rollin (remix feat. Method Man, Redman and DMX)”. Sounds terrible on paper, I know, but it works out phenomenally.

Also, should any of you ever happen to hear a mashup of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club”, Interpol’s “Untitled #1,” and the Pixies’ “Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf),” I did that.


Belle Waring 05.05.05 at 9:42 am

aww, jet, I knew I could count on you. mad love.


Martin Wisse 05.05.05 at 10:07 am

Yeah, I saw this on another blog somewhere and downloaded the songs, but didn’t think it was that good, actually. I general I’m a bit wary of mashups; it seems to take a good thing (taking elements of older songs as building blocks for your new song) too far. A mashup is a novelty, not art.


Ginger Yellow 05.05.05 at 10:35 am

Soulwax, aka 2 Many DJs, are the kings of mashups.

Martin: it’s pop – who cares if it’s art as long as it’s fun.


ben wolfson 05.05.05 at 11:03 am

What doesn’t come up in talking about mashups frequently enough is Harry Nilsson’s “You Can’t Do That”, which, while technically a medley, is quite awesome.


Publius 05.05.05 at 4:26 pm

Wild. I met a real-live anti-semite last week– first time ever. I’ve met racists before (especially when I lived in Texas), but never any real full-bore, unapologetic anti-semites. This guy was a Palestinian, and thus his experience dealing with Jewish people has been far less positive than mine. Still, his spiel was right out of “Mein Kampf”: an international Jewish conspiracy controls the entire banking and media industries, Israel drives all U.S. foreign policy, Christians and Muslims are puppets manipulated by Jews behind the scenes, etc etc.

How do you argue with such a viewpiont? Exept to point out that most of the Jewish people that I know don’t control *anything*, they’re struggling to make a living and raise their kids, and are mostly middle-class professionals and small businessmen of immigrant stock and above-average intelligence and ambition– just like him. I guess if I had grown up in Israel– a country where Jews really *are* in charge of everything– I might have a different view. But still, look around this country– the vast majority of rich-and-powerful people in charge of things are WASPs, with all kinds of nationalities slowly joining their ranks. As expected, he wasn’t convinced. But it was a very interesting experience.


frenchbloke 05.09.05 at 7:17 am

clifford darling, please don’t live in the past.

there’s very little of interest on the m*** u* / b*****g circus these days.
the interesting has been replaced by the uninspired and lacklustre. the ooh, oh replaced by the yawn, ZZzz.

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