by Kieran Healy on May 23, 2005

Via “Brian Leiter”: I see that the very smart “Kieran Setiya”: now has a blog. Kieran is a moral philosopher at the “University of Pittsburgh”: We were in graduate school at Princeton at the same time, where each of us was known as “the other Kieran” to different portions of our semi-overlapping social network. At least, I’ve always assumed _both_ of us were designated as such at various times –maybe I just routinely came in second.



JRoth 05.24.05 at 8:51 am

You know, it took me a year and a half of college to realize that, while I was known as “Jason Roth” to my classmates, my classmate Jason C. was known simply as “Jason.” A surprisingly disheartening discovery.


Belle Waring 05.24.05 at 9:28 am

aw, man, I’ve always just thought of you as “kieran”. not that I, um, know any other kierans, exactly. still, you’re #1!


a different chris 05.24.05 at 10:15 am

I remember, many years ago, being gobsmacked when I was looking thru a bunch of college lists and found Pitt’s philosophy dept rated like 4th or something.

Pittsbugh, for gawd’s sake. Home of the Stillers. That was like finding a gathering of oboe players in Idaho.

But apparently it’s true.


Kieran Healy 05.24.05 at 10:58 am

Yes, Pittsburgh has a first-rate philosophy department.

I await indignant comments from the “Idaho Woodwind Ensemble”:


tad brennan 05.24.05 at 12:20 pm

“I’ve always assumed both of us were designated as such at various times—maybe I just routinely came in second.”

Don’t worry, Kieran! We just called you “Laurie’s boyfriend what’s-his-name”.


Dominic Murphy 05.24.05 at 12:53 pm

Were there any Kieran/Cian confusions between you and that other culchie?


Michael Kremer 05.24.05 at 2:26 pm

There is a story about a philosophy professor meeting Saul Kripke at a party.

Professor: “Good to meet you, Professor Kripke. Did you know that I’m often mistaken for you?”

Kripke: “That’s funny. No one’s ever mistaken me for you.”


josh 05.24.05 at 6:38 pm

You’re at least fortunate, Kieran, that having a name-double is probably a fairly unusual event for you. There are a lot of Josh’s out there, and I seem to overlap with quite a few of them.
For a while, when a certain blogosphere-dwelling Josh and I were both at Oxford, we were apparently referred to (behind our backs) as Nice Josh and Evil Josh (I was the Nice one). I hasten to add that this had nothing to do with our respective personalities, and everything to do with the reigning ideological standards here.


Matt Weiner 05.24.05 at 8:48 pm

It happens reasonably often that I call up one of my mates from the Pitt philosophy department and say, “Hey Matt, it’s Matt. So Matt says….” There are just three of us so it never requires clarification.


Kieran Healy 05.24.05 at 8:59 pm

Were there any Kieran/Cian confusions between you and that other culchie?

Actually, yes. More than once, Laurie has been asked if she’s married to him or Kieran S.


Kieran Healy 05.24.05 at 9:00 pm

And enough of the “culchie” stuff, you jackeen.


dominic murphy 05.24.05 at 11:14 pm

I guess I have to confess at this point that half my genes come from Clonakilty.


Kieran Setiya 05.26.05 at 9:03 am

Thanks for the plug, Kieran. I have enjoyed being mistaken for you on many occasions, all flattering (to you): I received the mis-directed praise with gratitude.

Cian v. Kieran: our names have been confused, even by Cian’s wife. It was thoughtless of us to end with jobs in the same place.


MollyMooly 05.27.05 at 3:41 am

what’s the difference between “overlapping” and “semi-overlapping”?

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