by Ted on July 26, 2005

A few links without much comment:

Ezra Klein on the energy bill:

Listening to them, you’d think Jimmy Carter was passing his dream energy legislation. That the reality has no increase in CAFE standards and was held up for a year while Tom DeLay tried to retroactively protect MTBE manufacturers from lawsuits is too perfect. This isn’t conservatism. And it’s only sold as progressivism. In reality, it’s modern Republicanism distilled, a perfectly pure mixture of incoherence and corruption publicly aimed at solving a serious problem but privately written to ignore the issue in favor of industry demands.

An uncomfortably plausible letter (to me, anyway) printed by Mark Kleiman:

Thought experiment: if the USA just quit tomorrow, what would the insurgents do? The jihadis would have achieved aim ( b ); since aim ( c ) is suicidally impossible, they would most likely declare victory and move on. That would leave the secular Baathists. The Kurds would stand on the sidelines while the Shia militias crushed them with Iranian help. Ethnic cleansing of defeated Sunnis would be a possibility. End-state: de facto partition of Iraq into two (think Belgium or Bosnia), with an ongoing low-level Sunni terrorist movement (think ETA, IRA) preventing economic recovery in the Arab part but not strong enough to change the regime. US bases? Privileged access to oil? Cosy reconstruction contracts? Forget it. More likely demands for rendition of Abu Ghraib players to face trial on torture charges.

Sony caught in red-handed in radio payola scam. Wow, radio programmers are cheaper than I would have thought.

Ragout offers the hypothesis that the housing bubble isn’t as localized as some people think, but a reflection of a nationalized bubble in land prices.

Finally, Jane Fonda is going to travel the country, in a bus that runs on vegetable oil, speaking out against the Iraq war.

Jesus, don’t do us any favors. For all I know, Jane Fonda might be brilliantly informed. She might be cogent and well-spoken. But she’s still the woman who visited the Viet Cong for a photo op, grinning and laughing as she posed with artillery that shot at American soldiers. People really hate her for that, and I don’t blame them. She will be met with protestors in and out of uniform at every stop, and her skin-crawling clips with the Viet Cong will be contrasted with the veterans’ protests as part of every single local and national story about her tour.

Opponents of the Iraq war have tried very hard to distinguish between their opposition to the war and their support of the troops. Most supporters of the war have tried hard to ignore that distinction. A few years ago, some idiotic war protestors, who no one had heard of and who represent no one, made a sign that said “We Support Our Troops When They Shoot Their Officers.” Google that phrase, and you’ll see it used over 1000 times, cited as evidence of the America-hating anti-war movement by everyone from FrontPageMag to Sean Hannity to Glenn Reynolds to the Wall Street Journal to the Weekly Standard. All they did was paint a bedsheet.

Now they’ll have Jane Fonda, the most hated symbol of unpatriotic war protests, to use to smear the anti-war movement. She could apologize at every speech. She probably will. It doesn’t matter. With her history, the most useful thing she could do is stay home.

Via Gadflyer, who have some words of their own.

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SomeCallMeTim 07.26.05 at 1:32 pm

Oh. My. God. How could she possibly think this is a good idea?


KCinDC 07.26.05 at 2:06 pm

Is Fonda’s trip being underwritten by Limbaugh and O’Reilly?


Hiram Hover 07.26.05 at 2:41 pm

Jane Fonda’s anti-war bus tour will never happen, and I’m suprised to see serious folks spending time on it.

According to a fuller local report of the event at which she spoke (and not the AP report that everyone picked up), this is what she said:

Prompted by a question from the audience, Fonda said she should be ready by next March to board a bus, fueled by vegetable oil, that she plans to drive across the country calling for an end to military operations in Iraq.

Let’s wait til next March to see if this conversation is really necessary, ’cause I suspect it’s not.


Jake 07.26.05 at 2:57 pm

Ted —
I generalize almost entirely from Tom Carson’s vicious yet extremely entertaining review of her autobiography in last month’s Atlantic when I say that it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Jane Fonda thinks that she would be a powerful voice against the war. I suspect the picture next to out-of-touch-Hollywood-liberal in the Great Dictionary is probably hers.
Should this gig come about, hopefully someone will pour sand in the tank. At every stop.


jane adams 07.26.05 at 4:41 pm

In regards to Iraq, “goal c” is the goal. Remember many Sunnis believe they are really the majority. Why should they believe the MSM? Are they more rational than our right?

Even if not the majority they believe they are superior and better organized with all the necessary skills to reconquer. Not necessarily incorrect.

The Jihadists desire and dream of civil war. It is the beginning of the purification. Destroy the scum Shiites! Unite the Sunni world behind the oppressed Sunni of Iraq. Funds and fighters will flow, the region will be destabilized.

No one can dismiss this because it is “suicidal.” Well like duh, they are sucidal, unlease the apocalypse! Let the blood flow. War to the death against the Shia. If all goes well, Arab war against Iran!

And even better oil goes up to $200 a barrel and there still isn’t enough. Watch the west collapse and those damn east Asians who somehow got more advanced than those of the true faith.

There is no question that the insurgency is trying to trigger civil war. This will put us in an untenable position, our “strategy” right now is to prepare primarily Shitte units so that they can control the nation, if civil war becomes likely, change “control” to “ethnically cleanse.” If we intefere we increase the resistance to include Shiites and remember there are Shiite theocracies on or near crucial logistic lines in the south.

It is a mess for us. this much is captured correctly. But the idea that the Jihadist would abandon Iraq? That’s why some of us call for “understanding.”

God is on their side, do you understand? God is on their side! Unleash the holy war! This is the dream, this is the heart of Islam. Burn baby burn!

These are not nice people, they are not afraid to die, they are not afraid to kill and they don’t mind getting all their friends killed. They have god on their side or more accurately they have god within, a god who would lead them to war.


jane adams 07.26.05 at 4:49 pm

I actualy forgive Fonda for her stupid antics in N. Vietnam. It was stupid, but the heat of the time made people crazy.

I do not forgive her for her attack on Joan Baez for coming to the cause of the boat people. At that point she and her part of the left made it clear, they didnn’t care about “gooks,” the dirty racists would let the lower levels die for a concept.

In the furor of the sixties and earlky seventies with all the lies from the right it was possible to briefly believe that all on the MSM was blatant propaganda, to rationalize communism as feeding peple in the face of starvation as battling tyranny and imperialism. Certainly many of the regimes it fought were nasty.

But for anyone who *cared* the reality that this was a monstrous doctrine, that it destoyed the best soon came out. by 1976 we saw the monks of the “3rd way” imprisoned, so many other things. Fonda refused to see, Fonda refused to care.

We were to see it again a few years later when many turned the “nuclear freeze” movement into an apology for the USSR. And even today many people feel no shame about being associated with marches organized by ANSWER.


des von bladet 07.26.05 at 5:45 pm

Oh me,
which am I, and oh my!
Savour the savoury Goodness of pie!

Our plea,
is just that you try
to savour the flavoury
Pieness of pie!

Praise be
to you who would fly
to a once-great democracy
cargos of pie!

(By the
way or the by,
We have eaten the “candy”
you left here to die.

(It was neither especially cold nor delicious, but it was after all “candy”.))

I spy,
not knowing why,
in previews irrascibly
lines laid awry.



des von bladet 07.28.05 at 10:57 am

How did that comment end up here? I am boggulated beyond mortal bogglitude.

Needless to say, it makes no sense in this context; needlfuller to say, there is another context where it would.

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