Helping Hurricane Victims, Cont.

by Ted on August 30, 2005

My lovely fiancee alerted me to this, from Houston’s alternative rock station, The Buzz:

Starting at 6 a.m. Wednesday, we’ll be taking song requests for cash to help residents of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. We’re dusting off ALL our records, ’cause anything goes!

Here’s the price list:
$30 – Buzz Songs
$60 – Non-Buzz Songs
$80 – Way off The Buzz Path (example: Barry Manilow)
$200 – Local Bands

You say it … and pay it … we’ll play it!! Call 713-212-5945 to place your request.

For the first time ever, The Buzz is appointment radio. Assuming that it’s funding a legit charity, I’m so doing this.



Brenda Helverson 08.30.05 at 11:26 pm

I just checked, and KQBZ is owned by Clear Channel, so it is probably a legitimate contest. Like them or not, CC does have the institutional sense to comply with these sorts of rules.


Al Hill 08.31.05 at 6:39 am

I have been looking for a site that has a really good set up links to information and ways you can help I think this is the best one I have found ….Network for Good has a page of donation links to charities (including the Red Cross) mobilizing to help: . It is very comprehensive and easy to use … give what you can …..


Doug 08.31.05 at 7:40 am

Good list of songs over at Making Light, under the headline “Soundtrack.” Has the station already played “When the Levee Breaks” to death? The Nielsen Haydens & Co have a good list of delta blues songs, several inspired the 1927 flood, with v appropriate lyrics. Have fun!


Ben 08.31.05 at 8:05 am

I’d have “Charleton Heston” by Stump – it would cost me £80 for being too leftfield, but worth it.


JRoth 08.31.05 at 11:13 am

Why are local bands 2.5X more than Barry Manilow?

Is Houston music just that bad?


Procrastinator 08.31.05 at 11:18 am

Can we stop getting our knickers in twists over an icky-bicky wind? A few dead, a couple of swamps flooded. That represents a good day in Iraq or Afghanistan or Stepney.

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