Create your own light installation

by Eszter Hargittai on February 19, 2006

Time Sink!

Let’s get those creative juices flowing. The Hayward Gallery is hosting Dan Flavin: A Retrospective (this seems to be the one that was at Chicago’s MCA recently) and has a fun interactive site to go along with it. You can create your own light installation dedications and add them to the pool. You can view other people’s here.

Playing with lights

If you send yourself a copy of the image you create then you’ll have a URL to it like the one for the image above. Feel free to post a link to your creations in the comments.



Jonathan 02.19.06 at 12:10 pm

Light installations: times’ ink. I get it.


Jonathan 02.19.06 at 12:11 pm

Or “time’s ink,” perhaps.


Eszter 02.19.06 at 12:47 pm

That works.:) But it’s actually much less profound than that. I use the Time Sink button to indicate posts that contain links with material that could end up taking a lot of time. I have now created a category for easy access to all these posts. Haha, like anyone needs easier access to them.

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