Sporting thread

by Chris Bertram on February 7, 2006

After that Superbowl nonsense, time to get back to the sports that really matter! I just watched the “second semi”: in the “African Nations Cup”: . The referee bottled it just before time when Senegal had a stone-wall penalty denied, so Egypt are through. Will Mido play in the final after squaring up to the Egyptian coach after being substituted and then looking a prat as his replacement put the ball in the back of the net? Who knows? My money’s on Egypt in the final, since they’re the home nation, but with Drogba upfront Ivory Coast will always carry a threat. Predictions?

And while we’re about it, the “6 Nations”: is wide open after favourites France were turned over by Scotland at Murrayfield. Italy look a lot better than usual too and gave Ireland a scare. So my guess: a grand slam for England with last year’s winners Wales competing with the Italians for the wooden spoon.

UPDATE: I see that Mido has been “chucked out of the Egyptian squad”: .

Good Old John Lott

by Kieran Healy on February 7, 2006

Don Luskin may be the “stupidest man alive”:, but this is small beer compared to John Lott, whose career strives to maximize a three-variable function defined by stupidity, error and sheer bad faith. Whenever you think there are regions of this space that he could not possibly explore further, “he proves you wrong”:

Satire is dead

by Chris Bertram on February 7, 2006

I’m just going to reproduce this, which I found at “Lenin’s Tomb”: . “John Derbyshire at the the Corner”: wrote the following:

bq. In between our last two posts I went to Drudge to see what was happening in the world. The lead story was about a ship disaster in the Red Sea. From the headline picture, it looked like a cruise ship. I therefore assumed that some people very much like the Americans I went cruising with last year were the victims. I went to the news story. A couple of sentences in, I learned that the ship was in fact a ferry, the victims all Egyptians. I lost interest at once, and stopped reading. I don’t care about Egyptians.

Compassionate conservatism anyone?