Hugh Laurie

by Harry on February 13, 2006

In the comments to Kieran’s incendiary post, christine asks a clever trick question:

Hugh Laurie in House or Hugh Laurie in Blackadder?

The answer, of course, is

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Turnabout is Fair Play

by Kieran Healy on February 13, 2006

Andy Hamilton on this week’s _News Quiz_, quoted from memory: “What gets me about these hardline clerics in Iran and Iraq is how they think Sharia law should apply over here. How would people in Iran feel if they woke up one morning and found that Lambeth Council had wheel-clamped all their cars?” (“Or invaded,” one is alas tempted to add. But it was a good joke all the same.)

Incidentally, Radio 4’s _The News Quiz_, when set against NPR’s execrable _Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me_, joins the long list of cultural objects that serve to illustrate the difference between Britain and the United States. Others include _The Office_ (UK) vs _The Office_ (US), _Yes Prime Minister_ vs _The West Wing_, and so on.


by John Holbo on February 13, 2006

I’m puzzled by the veep shoots lawyer on a quail hunt thing. I figure it’s gotta be Karl Rove sending a message to the base. But what? Then I read about Cheney’s penchant for avian mass slaughterfests and I vaguely remembered … Aha! I don’t think Kieran is right to quote Ezekiel

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