by John Holbo on August 19, 2006

Tonight I got good results reading Tony Cliff’s fairy tale, “Old Oak Trees”, to the 5-year old. It’s from the new Flight 3 [amazon]. You can see a preview page here. And from there you can get to the flight blog, an excellent source for boingboing-ish things. In this case, it led me to Tony Cliff’s demo reel for season 1 of Pucca. Most peculiar. It’s Korean. More I really cannot say.



harry b 08.19.06 at 10:55 am

What a polymath! Tim Wohlforth writes detective stories now, you know.


will u. 08.19.06 at 11:37 am

I assume this isn’t the Tony Cliff of Bureaucratic Collectivism: A Critique, although that might make an captivating bedtime story.


Henry (not the famous one) 08.19.06 at 5:11 pm

Will U.-

Never say never: we have a nice translation by Hal Draper of Heinrich Heine’s In der Fremde on the Wikipedia page devoted to Heine. Not all Trotskyists used art as a hammer all the time, or at least not at bedtime.

With that said, I don’t think that that Tony Cliff’s grandmother had stories of the Cheshire Woods.


Grumpy Old Man 08.20.06 at 12:47 am

Yigal Glickstein? That Tony Cliff?

Was Antoine St. Exúpery a pseudonym for Arlette Laguiller?

Inquiring minds, and all that.


Frances 08.20.06 at 9:28 am

Wait, you didn’t know Pucca? Over here (i.e. Belgium and probably other parts of the European continent) it’s one of those cartoon figures young teenagers are still interested in. Especially girls, with all the pink and red. There are Pucca bags, pens, etc. A bit like Hello Kittie, but cooler colour schemes and not as dark as Emily Strange.

A teacher colleague of mine had a Pucca rucksack, but it didn’t work in making her look cool. Maybe she should have gone for Emily Strange.

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