by Henry Farrell on August 30, 2006

Matthew “Big Number of Blogs”:http://lefarkins.blogspot.com/2006/08/dont-whine-fight.html Yglesias is “consolidating his efforts”:http://yglesias.typepad.com/matthew/2006/08/a_new_hope.html at a revamped “MatthewYglesias.com”:http://www.matthewyglesias.com. Update yer blogrolls accordingly.



Rich 08.30.06 at 12:45 pm

I believe, however, that under the “Law of Big Numbers of Blogs”, you only had to read one on Yglesias’s blogs to find the arithmetic mean of his politics.


dave 08.30.06 at 12:59 pm

You probably should have updated the CT blogroll before posting this in order to avoid smug comments such as this one.


otto 08.30.06 at 2:09 pm

Do you really think he’s consolidating all his blogs? MY used to put his friskier private thoughts on his less well-known typepad blog. Now that the typepad blog has been officially merged into the matthewyglesias behemoth, one wonders whether his less-than-formal blogging will appear somewhere else sotto voce.

One of my favourite restaurants used to have an off-the-menu cheeseburger known only to the insiders (we few, we happy few…). When they eventually put it on the menu for all to see, it made me wonder if there was now something else off the menu that I hadn’t been told about …


tps12 08.30.06 at 2:14 pm

otto, by “friskier” I think you must mean “more related to the NBA or possibly something on HBO.”


otto 08.30.06 at 2:28 pm

Well, the NBA and HBO are friskier than secret holds in the Senate, I’ll grant you, but I also mean these sorts of MY posts:





arthur 08.30.06 at 3:04 pm

Three competitors merge, leaving a single entity with 100% market share in Yglesias blogposts. The Antitrust Division may seek an injunction.


novakant 08.30.06 at 3:10 pm

Yglesias rocks – but the new logo is odd at best.


Oh, I get it; it’s greek and so are his ancestors.


bob mcmanus 08.30.06 at 6:45 pm

“it’s greek and so are his ancestors”

Greek too? Blogoryphic Matthew contains multitudes.


Duncan 08.31.06 at 8:44 am

At last we have the single unified theory of Yglesiasness…

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