Radio Tasty

by Kieran Healy on April 1, 2007

After a moderately funny NPR April Fool’s piece on banning ringtones in New York, this sponsor announcement made me laugh out loud.

On the news headlines that followed, the lead item was that the U.S. was scrambling to complete a huge free trade deal (“the biggest since NAFTA”) with North Korea.

Parallel Wikipedia

by John Q on April 1, 2007

The construction of the rightwing parallel universe is going on apace. In the course of an otherwise unremarkable whinge over errors in Wikipedia, Brent Bozell of, invokes the parallel-universe Conservapedia as an authoritative source.

Certainly, if you want info on the baraminological status of kangaroos, you’ll find it in Bozell’s preferred source and not in the liberal-controlled Wikipedia, which characterises the whole business as a pseudoscientific theory.

All of this, and the continuing sales of the Left Behind series, lead me to wonder if this construction effort will actually be successful. Maybe with sufficient will, the wished-for universe will be brought into existence, and the entire Bush support base raptured into it.

In anticipation, I’ll say farewell and good luck. Just don’t expect me to feed the cat.