Bubble 2.0 music video

by Eszter Hargittai on December 5, 2007

I realize that some of the references in this video require a fairly intimate knowledge of the Silicon Valley scene, but not all so perhaps this will add a bit of amusement to your day regardless of your geek quotient.

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jessie 12.05.07 at 5:37 pm

Funny, ha-ha. Except for the part that’s funny-sad. I think I still have some of those worthless stocks.


Aidan Kehoe 12.05.07 at 11:21 pm

Thank you! I do like the stereo of the MP3, too, and the unrelenting blog-blog-blog-blog-… encouragement.

(I also identify with the ‘launch party, nicely dressed, what’s the point, sausage fest’ thing. Fortunately I’m not that IT focused right now :-) .


michael 12.06.07 at 7:50 pm

For those of us who have lived through a number of SV bubbles, starting with Atari in 1980, this is more historical than hysterical.


luci 12.07.07 at 12:40 am

Had dinner a few days ago with two Google multi-millionaires. Just regular programmer-guys – went to average schools, have above-average skills probably, but seriously, nothing all that out of the ordinary. Worth >$10 Million each, before the age of 30. They just got in early.

They don’t really think they’ve been all that lucky – think they got the jobs based on their skills, and that what they/google do is pretty revolutionary, and worth the cash.

Neither of them reached for the check when it came, either! :)

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