Bye, and thanks

by lane on April 18, 2009

That’s it for my guest-blogging here at CT. Thanks once more for the invitation, and to those who read and/or commented on the posts. You can find me at Consider the Evidence.



Kieran Healy 04.19.09 at 2:13 am

Thanks, Lane.


John Quiggin 04.19.09 at 4:54 am

Thanks from me, too. I didn’t have time to enter into much of the discussion, and in any case, would mostly have had little more to offer but agreement. But, I found your posts very informative, and your arguments convincing. It was great to have you visit.


Henry 04.20.09 at 3:53 am

Many thanks for a fascinating series of posts – IMO this is one of the most valuable sets of material we have published at CT, and we are very grateful to you for writing for us.


Mark 04.20.09 at 4:16 am

They are indeed a great resource. Thanks for all that data! I’ve never seen the issues laid out in quite so straightforward a fashion before.


James C 04.20.09 at 9:28 am

And much kudos on the graphing.


JoB 04.20.09 at 2:51 pm

Hey Lane, I didn’t comment too much but all praise for trying to expound your views in such a systematic way. Don’t want to be the downer but I did feel too much of the same old same old – maybe even a too romantic view of Europe. I sincerely believe we should be more creative and less unions-taxes-public services. Living in Europe (in Belgium, a country that is about as good as it gets according to your posts), I don’t think there’s much reason for optimism along lines as suggested by you. The main problem is concentration of power in few hands; as long as power’s concentrated in a few, mostly private, hands we will see inequality going through the roof.

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