The voice of reason

by John Q on April 5, 2009

It’s a bit late to be reporting April Fools* hoaxes, but this one at Salon has to be the best ever. The premise is that the US conservative movement has gone so completely insane that David Horowitz (!!) is now, in relative terms, the voice of reason.

This sounds as if it would be impossible to pull off, but whoever Salon has writing as “Horowitz” sounds very much like the real thing, for example, “Obama has flexed the leftist muscle so nakedly and unmistakably that there isn’t a conservative left who will vote Democratic in the next election”.

The piece then quotes material supposedly sent to “Horowitz”, in which Obama is compared to Mussolini, Charles Manson and so on, and denounced as the antichrist. It looks convincing at first, but surely no serious representative of the conservative side of politics would regard Obama as comparable to Mussolini, a traitor to the United States, and so on. And the general tenor of “Horowitz” piece, while it looks sober and sound at a first reading, carries the obviously absurd implication that the leading thinkers of US conservatism are hysterical loons.

*Note: I’m sure that the piece originally appeared with an April 1 dateline, but it now has April 2.

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