Merry Christmas, Everybody.

by Harry on December 25, 2012

Its easy.
Just take 5 minutes to give what you can:
Oxfam USA

Then enjoy yourselves:



Matthew Newton 12.25.12 at 3:28 am

This organization has done lots of extensive research into the most effective charities and so their recommendations might be worth considering:
They claim that some charities are 1000 times more effective than others.


Alan 12.25.12 at 5:14 am

Just sent my annual Oxfam check in today.

Happy holidays everyone.


Hidari 12.25.12 at 6:11 am


NomadUK 12.26.12 at 9:36 am

Or even Oxfam non-USA. Happy Christmas, and may the new year be so much better than this past one.


Eszter 12.26.12 at 9:39 pm

A new charity on my list this year that I just found out about recently is this one:
They’re especially focused on WWII veterans whose time is running out to be honored with a trip to DC.

Matthew, thanks for posting that resource. It seems to have some interesting/curious biases about what counts as worthwhile giving though.

My go-to site is before giving to organizations.


Bloix 12.26.12 at 10:20 pm

LIke those above, I’m an Oxfam contributor.
I also give to the American Refugee Committee.

There’s a wonderful song by the Sierra Leonian singer Sooliman Rogie called African Gospel, in which he sings:

Now count your blessings,
You are alive, you are healthy
You have enough to eat enough to drink
Enough to wear
You have a companion
Oh and your freedom
Count your blessings and be thankful
Sisters and Brothers Say Hallelujah Amen.

And then he comes to the refugees:

To all the refugees and displaced persons around the world,
Take heart, and don’t be discouraged,
Because you are alive.

That’s all he can say to them: Don’t be discouraged, you are alive.

So, for the people who have lost everything except that they are still alive, you might consider


Doug 12.30.12 at 1:19 pm

My family made an involuntary contribution of roughly €10,000 to Oxfam this year in the form of moving expenses not paid, visa costs not covered, and various other items. Having them as an employer for one of the family members was an utterly appalling experience. Never again. Never ever one red cent more.

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