Have An Uncanny Christmas!

by John Holbo on December 24, 2013

Might as well give away some copies of my silly old Haeckel spoof (PDF 19 megs or so.)




Peter Hovde 12.26.13 at 4:53 am

Needs more quip about baby Jesus, grown-up Jesus, ontogeny, phylogeny, etc.-unless those were in the linked works which (f0r me) did not load.


Belle Waring 12.26.13 at 7:56 am

You buy Victorian Christmas cards off ebay and then spend 300 photoshopping them onto Haeckel for a while and then get back to me. Or–wait, no, you don’t need to! Some…ah…eccentric yet well-intentioned person has done that very thing for us all already. Did I say 400 hours? I meant 450 hours. But I think there’s an online ecological nice in heretical ontological-phylogenetical-Christology here for you. Come and and rock us dear Petrus. ;-)

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