Sunday photoblogging: Alex sitting at the piano

by Chris Bertram on January 18, 2015

We’re in the middle of packing up before a house move this week, and there’s a lot to do after accumulating junk for 15 years. Here’s a picture from 2009 in what will soon be the old house, of my son Alex sitting at the piano. Taken with my 1932 Rolleiflex “Old” Standard.



Donald A. Coffin 01.18.15 at 5:17 pm

Always wanted a Rolleiflex, never could bring myself to spring for one.

Nice picture, too.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© 01.18.15 at 6:54 pm

Very nice! I’ve got some birds at my place.


bad Jim 01.19.15 at 7:36 am

I had a Rolleiflex! With a piece of film 57.15 mm square one scarcely needed a telephoto lens. It got stolen, and I’m sad to say I was happy to replace it eventually with a Pentax which could advance the roll with a flick of the thumb instead of a rotary crank.

My dad built a darkroom in the garage, and of course we argued over Plus-X versus Tri-X film and the different sorts of papers whose names escape me now (as Americans we used Kodak rather than Ilford products). I love the infinite gradations of gray that give these photos such depth and brilliance.


maidhc 01.19.15 at 10:28 am

That Rolleiflex really produces some lovely photos. I’ve acquired a few antique cameras but so far I’ve stuck to 35mm. Maybe some day I will take the plunge.


MPAVictoria 01.20.15 at 12:59 pm

I really like the tobacconist picture Chris. Lovely colours.

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