Sunday photoblogging: bus shelter

by Chris Bertram on March 13, 2016

Bus shelter



Lee A. Arnold 03.13.16 at 11:54 am



Lee A. Arnold 03.13.16 at 12:27 pm

How did you get this color? Digital or darkroom?


Lynne 03.13.16 at 1:06 pm

Beautiful. So still.


Philip 03.13.16 at 2:02 pm

That’s great, it looks like something George Shaw would paint and I see he has an exhibition at the National Gallery starting in May.


Philip 03.13.16 at 2:04 pm

I am not sure why the link doesn’t work but it is just to a google images search of his paintings.


Donald A. Coffin 03.13.16 at 5:03 pm

Love bus shelters, especially the advertising on them. I have one from Paris here:


js. 03.13.16 at 10:08 pm

This is wonderful. The palette, the shadow on the street, all of it. Cheers.


Alan White 03.14.16 at 2:22 am

I’ve noted a theme in many pictures: parallel lines. Am I right?


bad Jim 03.14.16 at 8:21 am

A green lawn, two screens,
one blank, the other written,
their shadows the same.


I.G.I. 03.14.16 at 3:33 pm

If this is film the colour balance went seriously off during the scanning process. Otherwise compositionally too rigid and lifeless for my taste. Sorry for the blunt frankness.


AnthonyB 03.15.16 at 11:14 am

Sky color makes me consider it a tinted monochrome, which is not a bad thing.


jwthomas 03.16.16 at 4:59 am

I tend to dislike color photos without a varied color palette but this one works very well. I know Chris never answers questions like this but I’m wondering which color film he used.


Chris Bertram 03.20.16 at 1:02 pm

@jwthomas – not only do I answer questions like that, but the previous week contained quite a discussion. But this is a digital photo. If you click on it you can scroll down and see the EXIF data. Some postprocessing in Lightroom, certainly involving a shift greenwards on the green-magenta slider to alter the colour balance.


Lee A. Arnold 03.20.16 at 1:33 pm

I like the red/browns in the lawn.

This reminds me of something that perhaps you would like.

It turns out that normal-sighted people will see additional parts of the spectrum, when wearing Enchroma red-green colorblindness eyeglasses. It’s amazing.

One thing I discovered is that there exists a red/green mix, which is sort of like a mucky brown. Becomes very obvious in old concrete sidewalks.

The eyeglasses eliminate this little sliver of the spectrum. This allows most (but not all) of those with red-green colorblindness to have full color vision.

There are many videos on YouTube of colorblind people putting these on for the first time. Sometimes they start crying.

If you are normal-sighted, all colors pop-out and you will see many more shades of reds and greens. Blues are much deeper. Some flowers will reveal additional wavelengths, particularly reds inside some purple flowers, and reds inside some orange flowers.

If you buy a pair, get the middle shades — not clear, not the darkest shade — because they will work best both outdoors and in.

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