Sunday photoblogging: San Francisco street

by Chris Bertram on April 17, 2016

San Francisco-2



Alan White 04.17.16 at 7:09 pm

You have many very good shots from your SF visit–Crooked Timberers would do well to see them all.


Donald A. Coffin 04.17.16 at 11:34 pm

As usual, gorgeous. Here’s a street scene in Paris, taken 16 years ago:


js. 04.18.16 at 9:55 pm

CB — Sort of OT, but with the Yahoo collapse (or whatever it is), are you worried about flickr at all?


js. 04.18.16 at 9:56 pm

Also, nice photo, like the reflected light.


jwthomas 04.20.16 at 12:03 am

The buildings on the left and right of the frame are leaning slightly inwards. You needed to use a wider angle lens or to have moved closer to your subjects to avoid using telephoto.

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