Victoria Wood is dead.

by Harry on April 20, 2016

Grdniaua here.

Sod it.



rootlesscosmo 04.20.16 at 6:21 pm

Very sorry to hear this. I first saw her on one of the Secret Policeman’s Ball shows benefiting Amnesty International, performing “I’ve Had It Up To Here With Men.” Her song about the problem of what to call a wanker when “wanker” is prohibited can be found on YouTube at Sod it indeed.


Alan White 04.20.16 at 9:22 pm

I’m sorry Harry–I’d seen her in several BBC bits, and I think the one you link to in the OP is a great sample of her comic genius. Way too young.


Dipper 04.21.16 at 9:33 pm

The problem with looking back at successful comics, as with all artists, is that when they appear they have a fresh perspective, but after a while their perspective becomes part of the culture. Monty Python isn’t funny anymore because we all think we live in a Pythonesque world. Similarly with Victoria Wood, its hard to remember now, but before her women were the butt of jokes, or the props for jokes about men. She made ordinary women discussing ordinary women things the centre of her comic world, and the men were the props; she made ordinary women heroic.

She seemed to be aware that her comedy had a shelf-life, and was very cerebral about how she moved in advance of impending cliche-hood and kept her art original and new, going from stand-up to sitcom and then serious drama.

A real shame we will miss out on her views on old age. Gone far too soon.


Igor Belanov 04.23.16 at 9:21 am

I think she was slightly unfortunate in that she was stereotyped as a Northern woman comedian, so possibly some people missed out on the truly surreal nature of some of the humour.

She had a brilliant flair for choosing her collaborators. Obviously her connection with Julie Walters is semi-legendary, but the casting on shows such as ‘Dinnerladies’ was absolutely inspired.

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