On Beyond Zarathustra – We’ve Moved!

by John Holbo on June 17, 2016

[UPDATE March 21, 2021]: Looking for the latest On Beyond Zarathustra? It’s here. I’m updating old posts with outdated links. 

(Everything in the rest of the post was directing you to places that no longer exist. So I’ve done you the favor of deleting it.)



John Holbo 06.17.16 at 2:40 am

Gotterdammerung! I shaved Z’s ‘stache in my latest update! That won’t do.


John Holbo 06.17.16 at 3:09 am

Nothing a little Schnurrbart-Kwik-Gro tonic won’t fix, however.


ZM 06.18.16 at 12:58 pm

Oh, this is good John Holbo. I hope you do a book. I think they can be shared now on social media since you are using Taptastic.

Did you see the Henry Rollins reading and deconstructing Dr Seuss film clip? I am not sure if this will embed since it isn’t on YouTube.

Henry Rollins Reads Dr. Seuss from Funny Or Die

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